Huawei Could Be A Part of Trade Agreement with China, Says Trump

Everyone knows the decision of the United States government to prevent Huawei Technologies from a potential future in business wasn’t an innocent idea. Now, Donald Trump has made it clear that Huawei will be a part of the trade agreement that would be presented if Washington and Beijing happen to see eye to eye. He also added Huawei may have a better future if both countries arrive at a deal.

“If we made a deal, I could imagine Huawei possibly included in some form of or some part a trade deal,” he was quoted saying by reporters during a freewheeling impromptu exchange at the White House on Thursday afternoon. This once again shows the hidden intentions behind banning Huawei from conducting any sort of business with American companies — thereby striking the major core of the Chinese technology-manufacturing company.

Trump did not share much details about the decision, though. While he added that Huawei would be a part of the deal when it happens, the mode in which it happens wasn’t revealed. He told reporters it was too early to say the latter.  The time for the meet-up between Washington and Beijing has not been set so far though.

The announcement was made a few days back, coinciding with the time when the tensions between China and the United States were hitting the roof. While it’s a common story that Huawei had been under constant surveillance by the American government for potential issues as it has been the case of every Chinese player who gets into US soil, the ban was quite extreme.

Following the ban from the government, several US companies and non-US companies had severed the ties they had with Huawei. For instance, Google made it clear that Huawei cannot use Google services on their devices and ARM closed the license, thereby preventing the Chinese company from making their own Kirin line of chips.