Snapchat Employees Had Abused Internal Tool to Spy on Users, Report

According to a report published by Motherboard, employees at Snapchat have abused internal software to spy on customers. The report says such privileged tools are available inside almost every department of Snapchat and that a number of employees had used these tools to spy on the private activities of Snapchat users. The report is based on the statement of two employees and email caches.

SnapLion is the name given for the internal tool being in question here. It should be noted that almost every tech company has some privileged software inside, but they reportedly take measures to prevent the abuse of the same. In the case of SnapLion, however, this hasn’t happened, say the former and current employees of Snapchat, who were speaking on the condition of anonymity.

According to these in-person sources and the cache of email threads that Motherboard had received, it has been made clear that the internal tool offers many privileges for the employees. They were able to access both public and private information of specific users, including but not limited to Snaps they have saved and sensitive information such as the email ID and phone number.

Just like other companies, Snapchat also had promised to take measures to prevent the abuse of sensitive data. However, this report once again proves the most practical fear inside and outside those server rooms stay some of the commonest human beings with so much privilege to access data. As it turns out, the SnapLion tool was created for addressing legal issues.

That is, SnapLion could have been used to collect information about a particular user upon a legal warrant from the competent authority for an understandable reason. Considering that Snapchat offers so many security-oriented features to its customers every day, this turns everything upside down.