Amazon Packages to Be Delivered by Drones Soon

Amazon is close to being delivered on its promise of using drones for its package deliveries as the online retail giant claims that it will begin its services within the next few months. The new futuristic drones will combine the behaviors of a plane and of a helicopter says a CNN report. The news was revealed at the Mars artificial intelligence conference that took place in Las Vegas. Though the specificities of the drones are not revealed as to what will be the weight of these drones and how many of them will be there in a fleet.

The Amazon CEO of worldwide consumer, Jeff Wike, however, revealed they can deliver packages that weigh not more than 15 pounds through a compartment built in the center of the drone, with a hexagonal shrouding that helps to shield people from its rotors and also act like wings. The latest prime air electric delivery is supposed to have the ability to cover 15 miles within 30 minutes. Wike at Amazon’s re:Mars artificial intelligence conference in Las Vegas stated, “We’re not saying all our shipments will be on drones, but the opportunity is tremendous.” The drones are equipped with a range of sensors that allow for an unhindered flight through static or moving objects in the sky including electric wires.

Amazon is just one in a line of many other tech companies like Google, shipping agencies like UPS and even some small start-ups who have considered using drones to deliver packages as they move swiftly and can deliver a range of household products including medical supplies. Though Amazon aspired to deliver products through drones back in 2013 when it created more than 2 dozen of them, the company like most other American companies has to wait for  the regulations of fully autonomous drones and not ones controlled by a human.