About One Million New STD Cases Occur Everyday Says WHO

According to the new estimate provided by the World Health Organization, over a million people get infected by sexually transmitted diseases on a daily basis. The new study which brings forth the inability to curb the spread of these diseases is called as a “wake-up call” as tone out of every 25 people on a global scale is hit by them each day. The Executive Director for Universal Health Coverage and the Life-Course at WHO, Dr. Peter Salama said, “We are seeing a concerning lack of progress in stopping the spread of sexually transmitted infections worldwide.”

A report by the BBC news has identified four top infections, namely- chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis with trichomoniasis being spread by a parasite infection during sex and the rest being bacterial infections. While WHO has been tracking the spread of these four main diseases, experts are more concerned in particular with their drug-resisting nature. Using condoms, practicing safe sex and having access to proper testing were termed as crucial by the organization.

The report claims there has been no downfall in the rate of spread of the top four diseases, in fact, there exist cases where individuals carry more than one of them. While many of these cases don’t carry symptoms, in other instances the infection is accompanied with the pain while urinating, bleeding and discharge.

The serious cases, however, can range from infertility in women, to a number of issues related to childbirth and health problems for the baby in women who contract the disease while being pregnant. Health problems in the babies range from stillborn or premature babies, pneumonia and other congenital diseases are also a common occurrence. While adults ranging from years 15-49 have high chances of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. In the year 2016, there were more than 300 million cases of such infections according to the report.