Google Releases the First Ever Picture of its New Smartphone – Pixel 4

In a recent tweet by the Google Pixel team, the makers released an image of its new smartphone Pixel 4. The news gathered a lot of attention because the phone is expected only to be released by October this year and the move might have been too early. This move might have been taken as a step to counter the leaking of information about the device as has been the case in most of its earlier phones.

The previous Pixel phones have always faced leaking way before being announced officially. Most of the leading tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung etc. have to go through similar leaking issues. The companies though don’t go ahead and reveal their products, rather wait for their official events to arrive. Google’s event Google I/O is the event in which the previous Pixel products like Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL were unpacked.

The move by the tech giant is seen as a way to provide security against any allegations made of it having copied Apple’s iPhone 11, which is also believed to have a square camera. Google might be aware that it will now be easily targeted for having copied Apple’s product’s design of the camera which releases its product only a month ago than Pixel 4’s. Knowing that Apple won’t like to reveal the product’s information before September, Google might be stating that the design is not so unique after all. Even Huawei Mate 20 Pro had a similar camera design.

The new smartphone features a square camera bump in the back which has manifold cameras. This is the first ever Pixel which will not have a fingerprint scanner on its back. A Google spokesperson told The Verge by email, “I wish I could share more, but can just confirm this is indeed Pixel 4, for now.” Google had previously announced the next-generation Google Assistant to receive a launch on this phone in this fall. The new updated version of the Google Assistant is expected to give a lightning-fast response to the questions or voice commands.