Lack of Medical Supplies Raise Concerns Amid the Outbreak of Ebola in Uganda

The Ugandan medics are taking a high risk at the cost of their lives with the lack of basic medical supplies amid the outbreak of Ebola. According to the recent report of Associated Press, the medical condition in Uganda is worse especially in taking up the precautious measures of the fatal illness.

The report states that the Ebola treatment Unit in Bwera, the border town of Uganda has poor facilities. As per the reports of AP, Pedson Buthalha, the hospital administrator was quoted saying, “We don’t really have an isolation ward. It’s just a tent. To be honest, we can not accommodate more than five people.” The medical workers have to treat the patients while they are unable to access the precautionary measures including the basic medical supplies. World Health Organization during the meeting held on Friday has stated that the outbreak is an extraordinary event of deep concerns but has not declared it as global emergency yet.

The virus infected disease can easily be infected through the contact of body fluid and the disease is considered fatal in 90 percent of the cases. The Ugandan health workers put their lives at great risk since they lack basic supplies such as gloves. “Health-care workers are at greater risk of infection if they are not wearing correct personal protective equipment (PPE) or are not applying infection prevention and control (IPC) measures when caring for patients.” WHO states in their official statement.

Uganda Health Minister Jane Aceng blamed the district officials for the lack of supply. While talking to AP on Saturday she said, “It is clearly the responsibility of the district to order supplies. If they have not done the orders we can not supply because we don’t know how much they need.” The Ebola outbreak in Uganda was identified last week after members of a Congolese family were identified as infectants and two of them died by the disease. The months-long outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo had resulted in the death of 1,405 people since August.