NASA Will Send First Ever Woman to Moon in 2024; will Take Next Giant Leap

NASA is all geared up for the next giant leap. In the year which marks the fifty years celebration of its first Apollo mission, NASA has announced its new mission of sending first ever female astronaut to the moon in 2024. Artemis Mission which will mark “the return of the astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024, including the first woman and the next man” as per the official statement of NASA. The crew of the Artemis mission will land on the south pole of the moon which has not been explored ever before in the history of lunar missions.

The Trump administration has urged for the acceleration of the lunar mission which will send astronauts once again to moon. “President Donald Trump has asked NASA to accelerate our plans to return to the Moon and to land humans on the surface again by 2024,” stated NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine in their official website. President Trump has also added $1.6 billion to the existing budget of  $21 for NASA’s lunar mission.

NASA has built a new spacecraft called Orion and the Space Launch System. SLS is a much-advanced rocket system which possesses high capacity ever recorded. It would enable in sending off the payloads from the earth’s surface. NASA will also build small spaceship called Gateway which will function as a lunar outpost.

In their official statement, NASA has implied that the lunar mission will be giving emphasis to further exploration of resources on Moon and the economic possibilities that would enable them to reach on Mars by 2030. The last time human set their foot in the lunar surface was during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. There is no instance recorded in the history when female astronauts got the opportunity to mark their presence in the moon which will make the Artemis mission historical.