“Proposed Merger Could Make the Entity the Carrier of 5G Network Nationwide,” Says T-Mobile CEO

Proposed Merger Could Make the Entity the Carrier of 5G Network Nationwide, Says T-Mobile CEO

The new T mobile could be the carrier of the 5G network nationwide. But it is only possible if the proposed merger of T-Mobile with Sprint occurs. John Legere, the Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile has argued that the combined entity could be the sole carrier of 5G network across the country in his recent blog post.

“The New T-Mobile will absolutely be GOOD for innovation and good for consumers,” Legere assured in the blog post. While rivalries AT&T and Verizon are immersed in competing with each other to hold first place, the environment favors the merger that would “ensure that 5G reaches people across the entire country.” T-Mobile and Sprint are the third and fourth-largest carriers behind Verizon and AT&T.

Federal Communications Commission has given the green signal for the proposed merger between T Mobile and Sprint. The negotiations require the condition of building the 5G network in the rural area. This suggests the replacing of wireline with that of wireless broadband. The negotiation also seeks to divest the Boost brand. Currently, the 5G network is only available in urban areas in America.

“It’s so important to deliver 5G across the entire country. There are brilliant people in every corner of the US, from small towns to big cities, and we’ll only benefit from their ideas if they have access to the right tools,” Legere said in his blog post. The long blog post also mentioned about the economic possibilities the merger would offer to the customers including price reduction.

T-Mobile has a high band and low band spectrum whereas Sprint has mid-band spectrum and if combined the entity would have full coverage of the network. The combined entity would have more capacity including resources and the spectrum which will drive new changes in telecom. “That’s why we the New T-Mobile, will create a transformational 5G network and a stronger competitor to AT&T and Verizon, shifting the Un-carrier into overdrive,” he added.

Harley Finds a New Chinese Partner in Efforts to Make Small Motorcycles for the Asian Market

Harley Finds a New Chinese Partner in Efforts to Make Small Motorcycles for the Asian Market

Harley-Davidson is teaming up with a new Chinese partner to make new smaller motorcycles. The highly popular American motorcycle maker is eyeing on sales outside of the United States. The company revealed on Wednesday on its plan to make a small-displacement motorcycle. As a part of the effort, the company has partnered with a Chinese manufacturer named Qianjiang Motorcycle Company Limited. The Chinese company is a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group. Geely is a privately held global automotive group which also owns Volvo.  The bike is expected to hit the markets by the next year.

The new motorcycle is expected to have a 338cc engine displacement. This is much lesser than Harley’s US motorcycles which are more than 600cc. The bike is intended to be sold in the Asian market. The decision is seen in light of the company’s declining sales in the US. The company is aiming at making half of its sales from outside of the US by the year 2027. The company’s CEO, Matt Levatich in a statement said, “We’re excited about this opportunity to build more Harley riders in China, one of the world’s largest motorcycle markets, by creating new pathways to our brand.”

The move made by the American company is seen as an effort to combat tariffs. Harley had already increased production in some of its Asian manufacturing units like the one in Thailand. The company has faced reproach from President Trump for this. He went to the length of asking buyers to boycott the company, calling it “A really bad move!”

The company that is known for making heavy motorcycles has altered its models from time to time according to the buyers’ needs. The smaller size of the bike is aimed at attracting the local Chinese buyers. In China and some other Asian countries, motorcycles are used for a daily commute. The company intends on providing a more appealing motorcycle to the Chinese market where smaller bikes are more sought after.

Raytheon and United Technologies in Talks of a Possible Merger

Raytheon and United Technologies in Talks of a Possible Merger

A merger between Raytheon, the U.S. defense contractor and United Technologies’ aerospace unit is expected to be formed soon. The tie-up shall give birth to a new company that is expected to be valued more than $100 billion. The merger that could be announced as early as Monday will be the biggest in the aerospace and defense sectors.

The all-stock deal is expected to be led by Gregory Hayes, the United Technologies Chief Executive as reported first by the Wall Street Journal based on a credible source that didn’t want to be named. The post of the chairman shall go to Thomas Kennedy, CEO of Raytheon, the company which has manufactured missile systems like the Patriot and Tomahawk. United Technologies is currently making plans to separate Otis and Carrier, its elevator business and air-conditioning unit respectively into different companies.

This separation that is expected to be carried in the next year shall not affect the deal. However, it brings down the combined market value of Raytheon and United Technologies from $166 billion to more than $100 billion. This will leave a 53% of the company to the United Technologies shareholders and 47% with Raytheon with the former having eight of the board seats and 7 seats for the latter. The new company will reportedly have its headquarters based in the Boston metropolitan area.

While United Technologies shall get fairground in the defense sectors and cyber-security through the deal, it shall provide footing to Raytheon in the speedily growing commercial aerospace sectors. The United Technologies’ expertise in making various advanced jets and technical equipment and Raytheon’s prowess in manufacturing military aircraft and missiles shall give each other the benefit and reach that they are aiming for.

More Amazon Executives Come to the Fore as Bezos Gets Busy with Space Endeavors

More Amazon Executives Come to the Fore as Bezos Gets Busy with Space Endeavors

The Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos of late revealed his company’s goals on colonizing other planets. A new lunar lander developed by his company Blue Origin is soon set to help him achieve this ambitious goal. The 55-years-old entrepreneur who also owns a newspaper agency named The Washington Post is now set to achieve new goals in the outer-space. Bezos believes that the ever-increasing demand for resources by humankind will cost Earth heavily and thus other planets need to be colonized eventually. Bezos’ involvement in the new enterprises shall give an opportunity for a lot of other executives to surface and open up to the world.

With Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s longtime CEO of its worldwide consumer business giving an interview for television in the first time in 20 years, more Amazon executives are coming to the light than before. Bezos, the company’s star face and voice’s involvement in other new enterprises is what allowing this shift. This will also provide a new move in the company’s strategy as more executives have started speaking publicly in the recent past.

Wilke, while speaking to CNBC at Amazon’s re: Mars conference on artificial intelligence in Las Vegas said, “We think that all significant entities in the economy should be scrutinized, so that’s not unusual. And our job is to construct the business and practices that pass that scrutiny with flying colors.” Wilke tried to avoid hard topics like Amazon’s stance on regulators to look into antitrust violations by tech-giants and focussed on the conference events more.

A few other names of Amazon executives who made themselves public recently as a part of this change in strategy were Jay Carney, chief of Amazon’s press and government relations, Dave Clark, head of the company’s retail division and Andy Jassy, CEO of the Amazon’s web services.

The Proposed Merger Between Fiat and Renault Calls Off Pointing the Political Condition as the Main Hurdle

The Proposed Merger between Fiat and Renault Calls Off Pointing the Political Condition as the Main Hurdle

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced the withdrawal of the proposed merger with Renault Group that would have reshaped the global auto industry according to the CNN report. The failure of the anticipated negotiation has been credited to the political conditions in France that would possibly hurdle the proceeding as per the report.

The Italian-American automobile company in its official statement said, “It has become clear that the political conditions in France do not currently exist for such a combination to proceed successfully.” The deal would have helped the carmakers to occupy the third position globally behind Volkswagen and Toyota while pushing General Motors to the fourth place.

The two automobile companies if merged would have shared the costs of developing new technologies including electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems. The proposal for the merger was announced last month during which Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said that the merging would produce annual cost savings of more than €5 billion which is an equivalent of $5.6 billion.

Renault had recently revealed that the French government requested its board of directors postpone the vote on the merger. It had earlier indicated that the government would back up the deal if the company is ready to pay off the conditions such as protection of French jobs and auto plants. The French government is one of the biggest single shareholders in Renault who owns 15% of Renault shares.

Fiat Chrysler owns brands such as Jeep, Dodge and Alfa Romeo and holds a significant presence in the North American market where the French automobile manufacturer has comparatively less influence. But Renault has been much advanced in the development of autonomous and electrified vehicles. According to the news reports that came earlier this year, Fiat Chrysler might tie up with the French automaker PSA. There has not been any verification regarding this by the company officials.

Data Analytics Company Looker To Be Soon Acquired By Google for $2.6 Billion

Data Analytics Company Looker To Be Soon Acquired By Google for $2.6 Billion

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud gears up to acquiring the big data analytics company Looker for $2.6 billion in cash. The move is seen as Kurian’s first major acquisition since he joined the service in November last year. A report published by the CNBC states Kurian indicated on expanding the business by investing in a February conference where he said, “You will see us accelerate the growth even faster than we have to date.”

This venture follows Google’s previous announcement of Anthos, a product that shall help the business run on multiple clouds in addition to computing workloads. The acquisition falls only behind the company’s biggest back in 2014 when it acquired Nest, a smart home company which was also funded by Google’s parent company, Alphabet which has also been investing in Looker through capital G, its venture fund.

Google had a reportedly lesser market share at 7.6% by the end of 2018 and is eyeing in on gaining market shares from Amazon Web Services which held 32% shares making it the industry leader as reported by Canalys. The report also states Google brings in more than $1 Billion per quarter though not by breaking revenue for its cloud business but between public cloud and cloud apps. Over 350 customers have already been shared by Google through an existing partnership including BuzzFeed and Yahoo as said in its press release.

A new analytic tool is set to be made available for the cloud users of Google who said that this will help the customers in analyzing their data consistently. The business-intelligence tool by Looker works on a range of clouds including Google’s and the other databases that rival with Google like Amazon Web Service’s Redshift and Microsoft’s Azure SQL server. Kurian assured that Looker will continue to work with these databases.

Amazon Packages to Be Delivered by Drones Soon

Amazon Packages to Be Delivered by Drones Soon

Amazon is close to being delivered on its promise of using drones for its package deliveries as the online retail giant claims that it will begin its services within the next few months. The new futuristic drones will combine the behaviors of a plane and of a helicopter says a CNN report. The news was revealed at the Mars artificial intelligence conference that took place in Las Vegas. Though the specificities of the drones are not revealed as to what will be the weight of these drones and how many of them will be there in a fleet.

The Amazon CEO of worldwide consumer, Jeff Wike, however, revealed they can deliver packages that weigh not more than 15 pounds through a compartment built in the center of the drone, with a hexagonal shrouding that helps to shield people from its rotors and also act like wings. The latest prime air electric delivery is supposed to have the ability to cover 15 miles within 30 minutes. Wike at Amazon’s re:Mars artificial intelligence conference in Las Vegas stated, “We’re not saying all our shipments will be on drones, but the opportunity is tremendous.” The drones are equipped with a range of sensors that allow for an unhindered flight through static or moving objects in the sky including electric wires.

Amazon is just one in a line of many other tech companies like Google, shipping agencies like UPS and even some small start-ups who have considered using drones to deliver packages as they move swiftly and can deliver a range of household products including medical supplies. Though Amazon aspired to deliver products through drones back in 2013 when it created more than 2 dozen of them, the company like most other American companies has to wait for  the regulations of fully autonomous drones and not ones controlled by a human.

Trade Talks Can’t Continue Unless US Addresses Its Wrong Actions, Says China

Trade Talks Can't Continue Unless US Addresses Its Wrong Actions, Says China

No one needs to be reminded about the trade war between the United States and China is going through one of the notorious times. Now, in a recent announcement, the Commerce Ministry of China said that actions from Washington are preventing potential negotiations from the part of Beijing. The ministry also wants the United States government to address its wrong actions before negotiation talks can happen.

“If the U.S. would like to keep on negotiating it should, with sincerity, adjust its wrong actions. Only then can talks continue,” reads a CNBC translation of the statement made by Gao Feng, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce. Although Feng had not specified the actions to which he was referring to, everyone is aware that the previous months have seen some of the toughest decisions from Washington.

On May 10, president Donald Trump had announced the tariffs applied on Chinese goods worth $200 billion would be increased to 25% from a previously-set number of 10%. There was also a response from the side of Beijing, which had raised the levies on US products worth $60 billion. It was followed by the decision of the US government to impose a ban on Huawei, which has now been prevented from conducting business with US companies.

Following this ban, several companies including Google had decided to end the business with Huawei and it meant the smartphone manufacturer would not able to use US-based products such as Play Store and chips from companies like Qualcomm. US governmental agencies were also banned from using networking and cellular connectivity equipment from the manufacturer.

As of now, there is no confirmation on when or whether Donald Trump would be meeting with Xi Jinping but a meeting seems quite necessary considering the density of the situation.