Microsoft’s First European Store Showcases Xbox Games, Surface Tablets, Linkedin Masterclasses


Microsoft’s first European store showcases Xbox games, surface tablets, LinkedIn masterclasses. Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer said the US software group had verified a prime position in Oxford Circus, focal London, where its three-floor lead could be seen by around 86 million customers and vacationers consistently.

Capossela said the shop, which is found minutes from Apple’s London store, had been intended for everyone from young gaming fans and understudies who needed to clean their LinkedIn profile to independent venture users of Office and cloud services.

The store will incorporate a gaming lounge, an augmented reality experience and a territory for business technology. Gaming fans will probably sit in a genuine McLaren Senna dashing vehicle and play Forza Motorsport 7 utilizing the guiding haggle as Xbox controller. They will likewise have the option to play new titles like Gears 5 at the site.

Microsoft will offer 200,000 hours of free workshops to schools, communities and individuals who need to increase digital abilities in the following a year over its stores around the world, it said. Microsoft UK Chief Executive Cindy Rose said the store fortified the organization’s duty to digital aptitudes. Staff in the store will on the whole talk 45 different dialects, including three partners who are conversant in British Sign Language.

Cindy Rose said, “We do feel that there’s a digital skills shortage in the UK and we’ve made public commitments around AI apprenticeships and technology apprenticeships exposing children to coding. We’d like to expose around 3 million kids to coding by next year.”

Mozilla Bans UAE Government From Serving As Internet Security Gatekeepers


Mozilla bans UAE government from serving as internet security gatekeepers. Mozilla said in an announcement on Tuesday it was dismissing the UAE’s offered to turn into a comprehensively perceived Internet security watchdog, enabled to ensure the wellbeing of sites for Firefox clients.

Abu Dhabi-based DarkMatter gave staff to a mystery hacking operation, codenamed Project Raven, for the benefit of an Emirati knowledge organization. The unit was to a great extent contained previous US insight authorities who directed hostile digital tasks for the UAE government.

Previous Raven agents disclosed to Reuters that numerous DarkMatter officials were unconscious of the cryptic program, which worked from a changed over Abu Dhabi chateau far from DarkMatter’s home office.

The program’s tasks included hacking into the web records of human rights activists, columnists and authorities from adversary governments. The UAE government office in Washington and DarkMatter did not react to a solicitation for input on Tuesday.

Selena Deckelmann, Mozilla’s ranking executive of designing, just as the New York Times and the Intercept, had made the program organization dread that DarkMatter would utilize the job of Internet security guard to dispatch observation endeavors.

The affirming association likewise verifies the association between an endorsed site and its clients, promising traffic won’t be caught. In any case, if an observation gathering picked up that specialist, it could guarantee counterfeit sites imitating banks or email administrations, enabling programmers to block client information, security specialists state.

Mozilla’s certification authority programme manager, Wayne Thayer said, “This ownership structure does not assure me that these companies have the ability to operate independently, regardless of their names and legal structure. While there are solid arguments on both sides of this decision, it is reasonable to conclude that continuing to place trust in DarkMatter is a significant risk to our users.”





Twitter Prohibits Hate Speech Targeting Religious Groups Using Dehumanising Language


Twitter prohibits hate speech targeting religious groups using dehumanising language, a boycott it says may stretch out to different classes like gender and race. The social network as of now bars scornful language coordinated at individual religious disciples. It likewise bans despise speech based on somebody’s race, sexual orientation and different classifications. Tuesday’s change expands the despise speech principle to disallow comparing whole religious groups to subhumans or vermin, without focusing on a particular person.

Twitter, alongside YouTube and Facebook, has been enduring an onslaught for the pervasiveness of provocation and despise on its administration. Twitter’s most recent update came after users wrote in a great many reactions when the organization requested proposals on the best way to extend its detest speech policies.

The organization says it might likewise boycott comparable language went for different groups, for example, those characterized by race, gender and sexual direction, while it has not done as such yet, starting analysis from social equality groups.

Facebook has a comparable approach restricting dehumanizing speech, ‘statements of inferiority’ and assaults against individuals or groups who offer ensured attributes, like race, ethnicity, sexual direction, religious affiliation or caste.

YouTube policy additionally bans material that advances ‘violence or hatred’ against people or groups dependent on classifications, like age, race, disability, immigration status among others.

The president of online racial justice group Color of Change, Rashad Robinson said, “Twitter’s failure to ban all forms of dehumanisation immediately casts doubt on the company’s commitment to fully stopping hate on the platform. It’s no secret that Twitter CEO, Jack Patrick Dorsey and other Silicon Valley leaders have been reluctant to stamp out discrimination and misinformation for fear of a conservative backlash.”

Huawei Launches Budget Smartphone Honor Play 8, Featuring MediaTek A22 Soc, Android 9.0, 3,020mah Battery

Huawei launches budget smartphone Honor Play 8, featuring MediaTek A22 SoC, Android 9.0, 3,020mAh battery 5.71-inch HD+ screen, waterdrop-style notch, etc. Also, the organization has offered a 13-megapixel camera on the rear side and a front-facing 5-megapixel selfie camera. The new phone joins the effectively accessible Play 8A and Play 8C in the organization’s portfolio.

According to a post on Honor China’s legitimate Weibo account, the Honor Play 8 cost has been set at CNY 599 and it is currently at a bargain by means of the organization’s Vmall store just as other real e-retailers in China. It is being offered in taperture wo colours including Aurora Blue and Midnight Black. There is no word on the smartphone’s worldwide debut now, since, Honor has recently released Honor Play smartphones outside China. In this way, all things considered, Honor Play 8 will likewise be discharged in probably a few markets separated that are apart from Mainland China.

The double SIM Honor Play 8 keeps running on Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9.0 on top. The smartphone sports a 5.71-inch HD+ (720×1520 pixels) IPS screen with 294ppi. It is powered by quad-core MediaTek Helio A22 SoC, matched with 2GB of RAM and IMG GE8300 GPU. On the imaging front, the Honor Play 8 houses a single 13-megapixel primary shooter on the back with a f/1.8 aperture and a LED flash module. There is a 5-megapixel selfie shooter on the front too with a f/2.2 opening.

Different details of the Honor Play 8 incorporate 3,020mAh battery, and 32GB of local storage with a microSD card space (up to 512GB) Connectivity alternatives incorporate Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, Micro-USB port, and 4G VoLTE help.






Zomato Acquires Feeding India Aiming To Serve Monthly 100 Million Underprivileged People


Zomato acquires Feeding India aiming to serve monthly 100 million underprivileged people. With this procurement, Zomato will support the whole compensations of the group and some core activities, as the organization stated on Monday.

For instance, Zomato will finance the advancement of the ‘’ application which will bring benefactors and volunteers closer. Zomato said it will patch up the Feeding India website and begin distributing quarterly financials on the site.

The Feeding India group, which is a not-for-profit organisation has been working with Zomato for around a half year now.

Deepinder Goyal, Zomato Founder and CEO wrote in a blog post that, “Zomato is aiming to get the first Feeding Global – Financial Transparency Report, out by October 2019. In December of 2018, Feeding India distributed 78,300 monthly meals to the underprivileged. That figure has now skyrocketed to over 1.1 million meals a month.”

“Similarly, the number of cities Feeding India is active in has risen from 65 to 82,” Goyal added. “The number of Hunger Heroes (volunteers at Feeding India) has grown from 8,500 to 21,500.”

Google Assistant Beats Alexa and Siri in Providing Accurate Information of Medications

Google Assistant Beats Alexa and Siri in Providing Accurate Information of Medications

Amazon’s Alexa dominates the market share among consumers but in delivering accurate information about medications Google Assistant is much better according to the new study published in the journal Nature Digital Medicine. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are far behind in comprehending medications than Google Assistant.

The study reveals that Google Assistant could comprehend 92% of brand name medicines whereas Alexa and Siri could only understand 55% and 58% respectively. 84% generic description was understood by Google Assistant. Alexa was only able to comprehend 46% of generics, and Siri could understand 51% of generics as per the results of the research. Fifty most commonly prescribed medicines have used in the research to test the capability of the voice assistants in delivering medical information. The research was conducted in the Toronto based Lab Company Klick Heath which specializes in commercializing and researching the latest health technologies.

Alexa was able to provide accurate information about the counter pain relievers like Aspirin. But it was comparatively very weak in comprehending medications such as Advil and the generic Ibuprofen. “Digital voice assistants are becoming popular tools for gathering health information, so a lack of comprehension puts them at risk of providing poor, inconsistent, and potentially dangerous advice,” said Yan Fossat according to CNBC. Yan Fossat, who is the co-author of the research article, serves as the Vice President of Klick Labs.

The study also found that Alexa and Siri have low comprehension for the foreign accent whereas Google Assistant has no such comprehension problems for the different accents. “We were encouraged by some of the comprehension rates in our research, but more work needs to be done to ensure people’s health and safety,” Yan Fossat stated. While voice assistants are geared up for enhancing the market into health care, the new study reveals that artificial intelligence software platforms require further advancements prior to step into the health sector.

Majority of the Mobile Applications in Both Android and iOS Pose Security Vulnerabilities


Majority of the mobile applications we download every day can pose the risk of vulnerabilities. According to the recent report by Positive Technologies, 76 percent of tested mobile applications of both androids and iOS devices have the vulnerability of insecure data storage including personal information. Insecure data storage is the most common vulnerability which can pose the threat of cyber attacks including data theft. 89 percent of all vulnerabilities found in the applications can be exploited by hackers through malware. The report states that 43 percent of mobile applications in Android devices found high-risk vulnerabilities whereas in iOS devices it was 38 percent.

“Developers pay painstaking attention to software design in order to give us a smooth and convenient experience, and people gladly install mobile apps and provide personal information. However, an alarming number of apps are critically insecure, and far less developer attention is spent on solving that issue,” said Leigh-Anne Galloway, Cyber Security Resilience Lead at Positive Technologies in an official statement.

The findings have been placed in ‘Vulnerabilities and Threats in Mobile Applications 2019’, the annual report of Positive Technologies. As per the report, insecure data storage is just one vulnerability found in mobile applications. But it is the most common vulnerability founded after conducting security assessments testing of many mobile applications in both Android and iOS devices.

The report found that most cases are caused by weaknesses in security mechanisms. And these vulnerabilities are reportedly placed during the design stage. The report suggests that developers need to make changes in their codes which can mitigate the vulnerabilities. The critical vulnerabilities are found slightly more often in Android applications than in iOS. But the security level of a mobile application for both Android and iOS is almost similar. The report points out the errors technology leaves behind which is often unnoticed but can pose a threat to our privacy.

Smart Devices Can Soon Detect If Their Users Are Going Under Cardiac Arrest

Smart Devices Can Soon Detect If Their Users Are Going Under Cardiac Arrest

Smart speakers will be able to detect in the future if their users are having a heart attack. Virtual assistants like Alexa from Amazon will soon be available with features that can identify signs like abnormal breathing or panting sounds.  A group of researchers from the University of Washington has been working on a tool that can identify these signs. The research was published on Wednesday in NPJ Digital Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal.

The researchers have developed an artificial intelligence tool that will look out for their users for signs of a possible heart attack. The group of researchers examined 162 clips from recorded 911 calls. They found that such abnormal breathing patterns could be detected by smart devices. The recordings were collected in devices like Amazon smart speakers, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s.

There already exist a number of such wearable devices that can look out for signs of a medical emergency. However, the new AI tool doesn’t need to be worn to detect the signs. Shyam Gollakota, the co-author of the research and an associate professor at the University of Washington in a statement said, “We envision a contactless system that works by continuously and passively monitoring the bedroom for an agonal breathing event, and alerts anyone nearby to come provide CPR.”

The researchers pointed out that 50% of the people going under cardiac arrest make agonal breathing sounds. Most of the deaths due to cardiac arrest occur when the people are alone by themselves or in their sleep. In case of such an emergency, the technology shall call out for medical support. The tool shall in the future be used in such smart speakers or other gadgets. The group says that the tool has a 97% efficiency in identifying such agonal sounds. It shall be released in the form of downloadable apps, soon after running some crucial tests. The developers need to make sure that the device is proofed against false alarms.

People Are Suing Amazon Alexa for Allegedly Recording Children’s Voices

People Are Suing Amazon Alexa for Allegedly Recording Children's Voices

Devices powered by digital assistants like Amazon Alexa have become an essential part of the household so much so that few people worry about privacy issues. In a different move, however, a woman from the city of Massachusetts is suing Amazon for allegedly using its Alexa-powered devices to record children’s voices. She is also demanding class-action status for the lawsuit as she’s pleading on behalf of children from 8 states.

According to the Seattle Times, which first reported the issue, the lawsuit makes several claims regarding how Amazon is recording children’s voices. It says that the company is using the recorded voices to create “A massive database of billions of voice recordings containing the private details of millions of Americans.” The plaintiff is of the opinion that the voices of children should not be used for the big data purposes of this sort.

As it can be seen, the major point of the claim is abstract and is based on the concept of consent. The person who has filed the lawsuit claims that children are not engaging in the act of using Alexa devices with complete consent from their side. It means most children do not know they are being recorded when they are engaging in an interaction with smart speakers powered by Alexa.

“It takes no great leap of imagination to be concerned that Amazon is developing voiceprints for millions of children that could allow the company (and potentially governments) to track a child’s use of Alexa-enabled devices in multiple locations and match those uses with a vast level of detail about the child’s life, ranging from private questions they have asked Alexa to the products they have used in their home,” reads one of the most important parts of the lawsuit.

The problem here is that Amazon keeps the recordings for potential later use, unlike what Apple Siri does. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff has invoked several state laws referring to dual-party consent when it comes to the recording of oral interaction.

Palm is Now Selling the Unlocked Version of It’s Smartphone

Palm is Now Selling the Unlocked Version of It's Smartphone

Palm made it to the limelight by introducing an incredibly small smartphone that packed almost all standard functionalities. The device, however, was available through Verizon only. According to latest announcements from Palm, however, an unlocked version of the Palm smartphone is now available for direct purchase. Customers can now choose from a variety of US carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile.

Palm made the announcement a few days before, welcoming more and more customers to the product. The limitation in terms of the cellular carrier had prevented a notable number of customers from choosing Palm as their preferred brand. The unlocked version of Palm smartphone is up for pre-orders and it has been priced at $350 at this point.

“With so many cellular options available in the U.S., we wanted our customers to be able to choose how they use and how they connect their Palm. We received a huge response from digital minimalists looking to just carry their essentials, families wanting to connect kids with less distraction, and athletes desiring powerful connectivity on the go, so we made Palm available to them across more mobile networks in the U.S,” read a statement from Dennis Miloseski, the co-founder of Palm.

Palm was introduced as a minimalist smartphone that could act as a secondary device for most people. When compared to the smartphone standards we have today, the 3.2″ screen and Snapdragon 435 processor of the device is very low. However, considering that the phone is not made for heavy-duty needs, even the low battery capacity is being justified. Palm had also optimized the User Interface for this purpose.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that multiple other options are available in the market. Devices from Motorola seem to offer better hardware at lower prices, but whether they can quench the thirst for minimal looks is another question.