‘Star Trek Logo’ is Discovered on the Martian Surface by the NASA’s Mars Orbiter

‘Star Trek Logo' is Discovered on the Martian Surface by the NASA's Mars Orbiter

The discovery of chevron shapes which resemble the Star Trek logo on Martian surfaces would definitely make the Star Trek fandom on cloud nine. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered an image of chevron shapes on the surface of Mars. It resembles the logo of Star Treks’ Space organization called Starfleet.

Albeit the team acknowledged that it is merely a coincidence, the discovery would prompt the fandom to rekindle the old memories of their favorite series. “Enterprising viewers will make the discovery that these features look conspicuously like a famous logo and you’d be right, but it’s only a coincidence,” the NASA team said in the official statement. William Shatner, who played a major role in Star Trek movie series, tweeted about the resemblance of the logo with that of the discovered image and remarked that Star Trek beat Star Wars by reaching on Mars first.

The chevron shapes have found in the southeast Hellas Planitia region of Mars. The image was captured by the orbiter’s High- Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera. According to the team in the University of Arizona who manages the camera, the image discovered on the surface of the mars is the dune casts. These shapes are actually formed by wind, lava, and dunes.

The crescent-shaped dunes were actually presented in the area before the eruption of data which later spilled. This lava flowed out around the dunes without covering them. When the lava cooled the dunes pointed up like islands. When the wind moved them, it resulted in the migration of the sand piles essentially. The dune casts which is their footprints were left in the lava field. Chevron shapes have many times appeared on the Martian surface due to the flow on the red planet. Around 300 such formations are found in the Hellas Planitia region of Mars and around 480 formations are spotted in the region called Noctis Labyrinthus.

Google Releases the First Ever Picture of its New Smartphone – Pixel 4

Google releases the first ever picture of its new smartphone- Pixel 4

In a recent tweet by the Google Pixel team, the makers released an image of its new smartphone Pixel 4. The news gathered a lot of attention because the phone is expected only to be released by October this year and the move might have been too early. This move might have been taken as a step to counter the leaking of information about the device as has been the case in most of its earlier phones.

The previous Pixel phones have always faced leaking way before being announced officially. Most of the leading tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung etc. have to go through similar leaking issues. The companies though don’t go ahead and reveal their products, rather wait for their official events to arrive. Google’s event Google I/O is the event in which the previous Pixel products like Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL were unpacked.

The move by the tech giant is seen as a way to provide security against any allegations made of it having copied Apple’s iPhone 11, which is also believed to have a square camera. Google might be aware that it will now be easily targeted for having copied Apple’s product’s design of the camera which releases its product only a month ago than Pixel 4’s. Knowing that Apple won’t like to reveal the product’s information before September, Google might be stating that the design is not so unique after all. Even Huawei Mate 20 Pro had a similar camera design.

The new smartphone features a square camera bump in the back which has manifold cameras. This is the first ever Pixel which will not have a fingerprint scanner on its back. A Google spokesperson told The Verge by email, “I wish I could share more, but can just confirm this is indeed Pixel 4, for now.” Google had previously announced the next-generation Google Assistant to receive a launch on this phone in this fall. The new updated version of the Google Assistant is expected to give a lightning-fast response to the questions or voice commands.

Scientists Finally Find the Reason Antarctic Ice has Mysterious Giant Holes

Antarctic Ice has Mysterious Giant Holes

The source of the formation of the big holes in the Antarctic winter ice pack has been finally found, says a new study. These enormous holes have been appearing mysteriously from time to time in the past. These holes though have existed from as early as in the 1970s, the reason for their formation had been largely unknown. These giant holes are called polynyas which is a Russian word for open waters. They are suggested to have been formed by storms and salts.

The polynyas have come up in the news in the recent past because of the discovery of two very large such holes found in the Weddell sea in the years 2016 and 2017. In the discovery made in 2017, the hole was found to be as wide as 115,097 square miles (298,100 square kilometers) according to an article published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. The new researches have been conducted by equipping seals with temporary satellite tags and some floating robots. The seals were later allowed to dive under the ice surface to collect data on the condition of water there.

Ethan Campbell, a doctoral student in oceanography at the University of Washington, while talking to Live Science said, “It may modify weather patterns around Antarctica.” He also suggested that only bad weather conditions couldn’t have been the sole reason for the formation of such massive holes as storms and bad weather are frequent occurrences in the region. The increased salinity of the surface, which is caused by winds from near to the coast is considered as a major reason for the ocean layers to separate. The harsh winds of the year 2016 and 2017 brought up warm waters from the bottom of the ocean which helped melt the ice.

The research examined polynyas in the course of their formation and found out them to be releasing huge amounts of heat into the atmosphere from the deep-sea. The scientists are still to find out what may be the consequences of heat discharged in such a way. The latest complete look at the giant holes has revealed that these are formed by bad weather conditions and rapidly alternating climate variations.

Raytheon and United Technologies in Talks of a Possible Merger

Raytheon and United Technologies in Talks of a Possible Merger

A merger between Raytheon, the U.S. defense contractor and United Technologies’ aerospace unit is expected to be formed soon. The tie-up shall give birth to a new company that is expected to be valued more than $100 billion. The merger that could be announced as early as Monday will be the biggest in the aerospace and defense sectors.

The all-stock deal is expected to be led by Gregory Hayes, the United Technologies Chief Executive as reported first by the Wall Street Journal based on a credible source that didn’t want to be named. The post of the chairman shall go to Thomas Kennedy, CEO of Raytheon, the company which has manufactured missile systems like the Patriot and Tomahawk. United Technologies is currently making plans to separate Otis and Carrier, its elevator business and air-conditioning unit respectively into different companies.

This separation that is expected to be carried in the next year shall not affect the deal. However, it brings down the combined market value of Raytheon and United Technologies from $166 billion to more than $100 billion. This will leave a 53% of the company to the United Technologies shareholders and 47% with Raytheon with the former having eight of the board seats and 7 seats for the latter. The new company will reportedly have its headquarters based in the Boston metropolitan area.

While United Technologies shall get fairground in the defense sectors and cyber-security through the deal, it shall provide footing to Raytheon in the speedily growing commercial aerospace sectors. The United Technologies’ expertise in making various advanced jets and technical equipment and Raytheon’s prowess in manufacturing military aircraft and missiles shall give each other the benefit and reach that they are aiming for.

More Amazon Executives Come to the Fore as Bezos Gets Busy with Space Endeavors

More Amazon Executives Come to the Fore as Bezos Gets Busy with Space Endeavors

The Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos of late revealed his company’s goals on colonizing other planets. A new lunar lander developed by his company Blue Origin is soon set to help him achieve this ambitious goal. The 55-years-old entrepreneur who also owns a newspaper agency named The Washington Post is now set to achieve new goals in the outer-space. Bezos believes that the ever-increasing demand for resources by humankind will cost Earth heavily and thus other planets need to be colonized eventually. Bezos’ involvement in the new enterprises shall give an opportunity for a lot of other executives to surface and open up to the world.

With Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s longtime CEO of its worldwide consumer business giving an interview for television in the first time in 20 years, more Amazon executives are coming to the light than before. Bezos, the company’s star face and voice’s involvement in other new enterprises is what allowing this shift. This will also provide a new move in the company’s strategy as more executives have started speaking publicly in the recent past.

Wilke, while speaking to CNBC at Amazon’s re: Mars conference on artificial intelligence in Las Vegas said, “We think that all significant entities in the economy should be scrutinized, so that’s not unusual. And our job is to construct the business and practices that pass that scrutiny with flying colors.” Wilke tried to avoid hard topics like Amazon’s stance on regulators to look into antitrust violations by tech-giants and focussed on the conference events more.

A few other names of Amazon executives who made themselves public recently as a part of this change in strategy were Jay Carney, chief of Amazon’s press and government relations, Dave Clark, head of the company’s retail division and Andy Jassy, CEO of the Amazon’s web services.

Woman Suspected to Have a Cancerous Tumor was Found with a Tapeworm’s Egg Instead

Woman Suspected to Have a Cancerous Tumor was Found with a Tapeworm's Egg Instead

Rachel Palma was diagnosed with a tumor that was supposed to be cancerous by doctors. The wound in her brain, however, turned out to be caused by infection from a tapeworm in one of the rarest cases of its kind. The 42-year-old woman who recently got married was shocked at the discovery. She said she was “grossed out” at the thought of a tapeworm living inside an egg in her brain. In an interview to the Washington Post Rachel said, “But of course, I was also relieved. It meant that no further treatment was necessary.”

The unique case also had some of the most unusual symptoms where the patient was going through hallucinations, insomnia, nightmares among others. Palma’s case worsened in 2018 when she couldn’t even hold regular household things properly and started dropping them. She suffered from a lack of concentration, forgetfulness, inability to make decisions and started making incoherent statements.

In September last year, the surgeons at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York opened Palma’s cranium and had found a cancerous tumor. However, the mass was observed to be identical to a quail egg. After the mass was placed under a microscope for a closer look, it turned out to be a baby tapeworm as reported by Jonathan Rasoulli, the chief surgery resident at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

The doctors had identified this as a case of neurocysticercosis, a parasitic infection in the brain. The tapeworm was identified as Taenia solium. This specific worm is not usually found in the US. It is found in rare cases in the adult form though and the cause is usually eating undercooked pork after which the worm lives only in the intestines. However, the other rare way of getting it is from other people who have these in their stomach and haven’t washed their hands properly after excreting them with their stools. The eggs can then travel after hatching into larvae to the brain and other parts through the bloodstream.

The Proposed Merger Between Fiat and Renault Calls Off Pointing the Political Condition as the Main Hurdle

The Proposed Merger between Fiat and Renault Calls Off Pointing the Political Condition as the Main Hurdle

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has announced the withdrawal of the proposed merger with Renault Group that would have reshaped the global auto industry according to the CNN report. The failure of the anticipated negotiation has been credited to the political conditions in France that would possibly hurdle the proceeding as per the report.

The Italian-American automobile company in its official statement said, “It has become clear that the political conditions in France do not currently exist for such a combination to proceed successfully.” The deal would have helped the carmakers to occupy the third position globally behind Volkswagen and Toyota while pushing General Motors to the fourth place.

The two automobile companies if merged would have shared the costs of developing new technologies including electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems. The proposal for the merger was announced last month during which Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said that the merging would produce annual cost savings of more than €5 billion which is an equivalent of $5.6 billion.

Renault had recently revealed that the French government requested its board of directors postpone the vote on the merger. It had earlier indicated that the government would back up the deal if the company is ready to pay off the conditions such as protection of French jobs and auto plants. The French government is one of the biggest single shareholders in Renault who owns 15% of Renault shares.

Fiat Chrysler owns brands such as Jeep, Dodge and Alfa Romeo and holds a significant presence in the North American market where the French automobile manufacturer has comparatively less influence. But Renault has been much advanced in the development of autonomous and electrified vehicles. According to the news reports that came earlier this year, Fiat Chrysler might tie up with the French automaker PSA. There has not been any verification regarding this by the company officials.

White Meat also Increases the Cholesterol Level as much as Red Meat, Study Reveals

White Meat also Increases the Cholesterol Level as much as Red Meat, Study Reveals

The popular belief that white meat which contains low saturated fat will not affect the health as like red meat has been proved wrong. This has been found after a study has revealed that white meat can raise the cholesterol level of the body as much as red meat. The Study has published online in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition last Monday.

The research which was based on three diets – red meat, white meat and non-meat proteins has found that both white and red meat has the same effect on cholesterol when the saturated fat levels are equal. The study also reveals that the diet with non-meat proteins carries healthy blood cholesterol levels.

“When we planned this study, we expected red meat to have a more adverse effect on blood cholesterol levels than white meat, but we were surprised that this was not the case- their effects on Cholesterol are identical when saturated fat levels are equivalent,” said Dr. Ronald Krauss who is a senior scientist and Director of Atherosclerosis Research at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in California in a statement.

The high saturated fats are normally found in food including fatty beef, poultry with skin, the dairy products such as butter, cheese and creams. The study called Animal and Plant Protein and Cardiovascular Health trial were conducted on 113 healthy people. The participants were randomly assigned to a diet that was either high or low in saturated fat.

The high level of low-density lipoproteins which is also called bad cholesterol will cause the formation of plaque in the blood vessel. The dire consequences will be reflected in the body in the form of cardiac arrest, stroke and other heart-related diseases. Replacing food that is high in saturated fat with a healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables, fish can lower blood cholesterol levels and improve health condition.

A Recent Study Discovers Giant Viruses Carrying Multiple Genes for the Enzyme Cytochrome P450

A recent study discovers Giant viruses carrying multiple genes for the enzyme Cytochrome P450

The discovery of giant ocean viruses containing multiple genes opens up the new possibilities of developing potential drugs for human diseases. The study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides new insights about the origin of the giant viruses as well as the implications of potential drugs that can be produced. The research by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in collaboration with Swansea University Medical School has resulted in the discovery of the giant viruses contain multiple genes.

As per the WHOI report, the research team searched more than 8,000 virus genomes which led to the discovery that the giant ocean viruses contain multiple genes for a type of enzyme called Cytochrome P4500 which are commonly found in animals, plants and bacteria.

The new finding has been credited as extremely interesting. John Stegeman, a  biologist and a senior author of the paper and the director of the Woods Hole Center for Oceans and Human Health at WHOI said, “In animals, P450 enzymes metabolize drugs, make steroid hormones, and defend against pollutants. We have yet to find out what they are doing in these viruses, but for sure they are unique, unlike P450 in any other organism.” P450 enzymes are considered to be used for understanding chemical effects both in the sea and in human disease processes. “The P450 could represent drug targets for giant viruses thought to contribute to some cases of pneumonia,” said Stegemen.

“We know some giant viruses may be linked to some forms of pneumonia, so gaining a better understanding of them will help us to develop ways of tackling those viruses,” explains David Lamb who has also worked in the research  while at WHOI on a Fulbright Scholarship and is a lead author from Swansea University Medical School in Wales. Giant viruses were unknown to the world until discovering a virus large enough to see with a light microscope in 2003. More than 1,000 genes were identified in that first giant virus. The giant viruses are normally found more in the oceans.

President Trump Wants NASA to Focus on Mars Rather than Moon

President Trump Wants NASA to Focus on Mars Rather than Moon

President Donald Trump stated on Friday that NASA should be focusing on Mars and not think about going to the Moon. His tweet in which he seems to be claiming the moon as a part of Mars also sent the astronomic fraternity buzzing. His tweet reads, “For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon – We did that 50 years ago.” He gave emphasis on the fact that he wants his Federal Space Agency to be inclined to explore further areas of the space than being stuck with the moon.

This statement given by him while returning to Washington from Ireland contradicts his earlier plan of sending astronauts to the moon. Defense and Science were also among the fields where he wanted NASA to be focussed. The statement made by president Trump remained confusing in various ways. The administrator at NASA, Jim Bridenstine earlier the same day at the International Space Development Conference said, “The very first space policy directive of the President said, ‘We’re going to go back to the moon.'” He promised the audience that this particular mission will be carried in a unique manner as they are going to stay on the moon.

The Trump administration gave a raise to NASA’s budget last month by adding $1.6 billion to the project. The ambitious project planned on sending the first female astronomer to the Moon. This came out as a big announcement as even after 50 years of its first landing, no woman has ever walked on the moon. The earlier 12 people who did where all men and American nationals. NASA had already requested a $21 billion fund for this specific mission on the Moon.