Jupiter Soon to be the Closest to Earth: Can be Seen through Binoculars

Jupiter soon to be the closest to Earth, Can be seen through binoculars

The biggest planet of our solar system will be at its biggest and brightest as it will be the closest to Earth next week. The big ball of gas can be easily spotted by common binoculars, telescopes or even without any equipment. The various moons of the planet can also be seen clearly throughout the month. There are also chances of spotting its ring which is made of clouds.

The constantly changing positions of the moons make their surrounding an interesting thing to gaze into and note their positions. Jupiter, Earth, and Sun will soon descend into a straight line known as the opposition. The earth being in the middle will get a good view of the planet and its moon for around a stretch of a month. Though the opposition doesn’t last beyond a day, scientists at NASA claim that it offers a good time to spot the planet for about a month later.

The planet which ranks 5th on its distance from the sun travels on the orbit between Mars and Saturn and finishes one round after 4,333 days. The planet which is more than twice the size of all other planets combined has a total of 79 moons. Four of these would work along with the planet to illuminate the night sky for the remainder of this month. The gas giant will also be part of a tripartite formation in the sky with our moon and Antares, a red star.

Jupiter will appear the brightest on Monday night when it’s closest to our planet, closer than last year by 11 million miles. A giant red storm that has been raging on the surface of the planet, also known as its red spot, will be available for the viewing by a bigger telescope, although its visibility is subjected to the weather conditions.

About One Million New STD Cases Occur Everyday Says WHO

About One Million New STD Cases Occur Everyday Says WHO

According to the new estimate provided by the World Health Organization, over a million people get infected by sexually transmitted diseases on a daily basis. The new study which brings forth the inability to curb the spread of these diseases is called as a “wake-up call” as tone out of every 25 people on a global scale is hit by them each day. The Executive Director for Universal Health Coverage and the Life-Course at WHO, Dr. Peter Salama said, “We are seeing a concerning lack of progress in stopping the spread of sexually transmitted infections worldwide.”

A report by the BBC news has identified four top infections, namely- chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis with trichomoniasis being spread by a parasite infection during sex and the rest being bacterial infections. While WHO has been tracking the spread of these four main diseases, experts are more concerned in particular with their drug-resisting nature. Using condoms, practicing safe sex and having access to proper testing were termed as crucial by the organization.

The report claims there has been no downfall in the rate of spread of the top four diseases, in fact, there exist cases where individuals carry more than one of them. While many of these cases don’t carry symptoms, in other instances the infection is accompanied with the pain while urinating, bleeding and discharge.

The serious cases, however, can range from infertility in women, to a number of issues related to childbirth and health problems for the baby in women who contract the disease while being pregnant. Health problems in the babies range from stillborn or premature babies, pneumonia and other congenital diseases are also a common occurrence. While adults ranging from years 15-49 have high chances of cardiovascular and neurological diseases. In the year 2016, there were more than 300 million cases of such infections according to the report.

Data Analytics Company Looker To Be Soon Acquired By Google for $2.6 Billion

Data Analytics Company Looker To Be Soon Acquired By Google for $2.6 Billion

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud gears up to acquiring the big data analytics company Looker for $2.6 billion in cash. The move is seen as Kurian’s first major acquisition since he joined the service in November last year. A report published by the CNBC states Kurian indicated on expanding the business by investing in a February conference where he said, “You will see us accelerate the growth even faster than we have to date.”

This venture follows Google’s previous announcement of Anthos, a product that shall help the business run on multiple clouds in addition to computing workloads. The acquisition falls only behind the company’s biggest back in 2014 when it acquired Nest, a smart home company which was also funded by Google’s parent company, Alphabet which has also been investing in Looker through capital G, its venture fund.

Google had a reportedly lesser market share at 7.6% by the end of 2018 and is eyeing in on gaining market shares from Amazon Web Services which held 32% shares making it the industry leader as reported by Canalys. The report also states Google brings in more than $1 Billion per quarter though not by breaking revenue for its cloud business but between public cloud and cloud apps. Over 350 customers have already been shared by Google through an existing partnership including BuzzFeed and Yahoo as said in its press release.

A new analytic tool is set to be made available for the cloud users of Google who said that this will help the customers in analyzing their data consistently. The business-intelligence tool by Looker works on a range of clouds including Google’s and the other databases that rival with Google like Amazon Web Service’s Redshift and Microsoft’s Azure SQL server. Kurian assured that Looker will continue to work with these databases.

Apple Brings Dark Mode into iOS 13, Announced at WWDC

Apple Brings Dark Mode into iOS 13, Announced at WWDC

The American tech giant Apple on its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that took place on Monday in San Jose launched an array of new features that include a Mac Pro, iPadOS, dark mode for its iOS13, etc. The dark mode garnered much attention due to its claims at providing better control and allowing users to stay focused on their work. The feature is likely to be available by this fall to the users by downloading an app that shall have an owl as its icon.

Though the support websites don’t claim anything about the feature’s ability to save battery. According to a report published by the CNN business, most smartphones use an organic light emitting diode(OLED) that consumes less power than a regular white background. The dark background also claims to have a soothing effect on the eyes as it is designed specifically to make the screen appear easy for the eyes and benefits the sleep of the user.

According to the company’s support page, “The dark mode makes it easier to stay focused on your work because your content stands out while darkened controls and windows recede into the background.” The dark mode works with lots of apps and features such as Mail, Maps, Notes, Safari, etc. providing an enriched experience for those who like to read or work in the dark.

The dark mode has been popular with most of the leading global tech companies like Samsung Galaxy, platforms such as Twitter and browsers such as Google Chrome. However, Apple’s dark mode comes with specially built icons and a grey keyboard which provide a full dark-experience. The feature is reported to be working across iPhones, iPads and various apps from Apple. The feature included customization regarding its time and can be automatically turned on or off at evenings or any set time.

Amazon Packages to Be Delivered by Drones Soon

Amazon Packages to Be Delivered by Drones Soon

Amazon is close to being delivered on its promise of using drones for its package deliveries as the online retail giant claims that it will begin its services within the next few months. The new futuristic drones will combine the behaviors of a plane and of a helicopter says a CNN report. The news was revealed at the Mars artificial intelligence conference that took place in Las Vegas. Though the specificities of the drones are not revealed as to what will be the weight of these drones and how many of them will be there in a fleet.

The Amazon CEO of worldwide consumer, Jeff Wike, however, revealed they can deliver packages that weigh not more than 15 pounds through a compartment built in the center of the drone, with a hexagonal shrouding that helps to shield people from its rotors and also act like wings. The latest prime air electric delivery is supposed to have the ability to cover 15 miles within 30 minutes. Wike at Amazon’s re:Mars artificial intelligence conference in Las Vegas stated, “We’re not saying all our shipments will be on drones, but the opportunity is tremendous.” The drones are equipped with a range of sensors that allow for an unhindered flight through static or moving objects in the sky including electric wires.

Amazon is just one in a line of many other tech companies like Google, shipping agencies like UPS and even some small start-ups who have considered using drones to deliver packages as they move swiftly and can deliver a range of household products including medical supplies. Though Amazon aspired to deliver products through drones back in 2013 when it created more than 2 dozen of them, the company like most other American companies has to wait for  the regulations of fully autonomous drones and not ones controlled by a human.

Snapchat Employees Had Abused Internal Tool to Spy on Users, Report

Snapchat Employees Had Abused Internal Tool to Spy on Users, Report

According to a report published by Motherboard, employees at Snapchat have abused internal software to spy on customers. The report says such privileged tools are available inside almost every department of Snapchat and that a number of employees had used these tools to spy on the private activities of Snapchat users. The report is based on the statement of two employees and email caches.

SnapLion is the name given for the internal tool being in question here. It should be noted that almost every tech company has some privileged software inside, but they reportedly take measures to prevent the abuse of the same. In the case of SnapLion, however, this hasn’t happened, say the former and current employees of Snapchat, who were speaking on the condition of anonymity.

According to these in-person sources and the cache of email threads that Motherboard had received, it has been made clear that the internal tool offers many privileges for the employees. They were able to access both public and private information of specific users, including but not limited to Snaps they have saved and sensitive information such as the email ID and phone number.

Just like other companies, Snapchat also had promised to take measures to prevent the abuse of sensitive data. However, this report once again proves the most practical fear inside and outside those server rooms stay some of the commonest human beings with so much privilege to access data. As it turns out, the SnapLion tool was created for addressing legal issues.

That is, SnapLion could have been used to collect information about a particular user upon a legal warrant from the competent authority for an understandable reason. Considering that Snapchat offers so many security-oriented features to its customers every day, this turns everything upside down.

Huawei Could Be A Part of Trade Agreement with China, Says Trump

Huawei Could Be A Part of Trade Agreement with China, Says Trump

Everyone knows the decision of the United States government to prevent Huawei Technologies from a potential future in business wasn’t an innocent idea. Now, Donald Trump has made it clear that Huawei will be a part of the trade agreement that would be presented if Washington and Beijing happen to see eye to eye. He also added Huawei may have a better future if both countries arrive at a deal.

“If we made a deal, I could imagine Huawei possibly included in some form of or some part a trade deal,” he was quoted saying by reporters during a freewheeling impromptu exchange at the White House on Thursday afternoon. This once again shows the hidden intentions behind banning Huawei from conducting any sort of business with American companies — thereby striking the major core of the Chinese technology-manufacturing company.

Trump did not share much details about the decision, though. While he added that Huawei would be a part of the deal when it happens, the mode in which it happens wasn’t revealed. He told reporters it was too early to say the latter.  The time for the meet-up between Washington and Beijing has not been set so far though.

The announcement was made a few days back, coinciding with the time when the tensions between China and the United States were hitting the roof. While it’s a common story that Huawei had been under constant surveillance by the American government for potential issues as it has been the case of every Chinese player who gets into US soil, the ban was quite extreme.

Following the ban from the government, several US companies and non-US companies had severed the ties they had with Huawei. For instance, Google made it clear that Huawei cannot use Google services on their devices and ARM closed the license, thereby preventing the Chinese company from making their own Kirin line of chips.

Trade Talks Can’t Continue Unless US Addresses Its Wrong Actions, Says China

Trade Talks Can't Continue Unless US Addresses Its Wrong Actions, Says China

No one needs to be reminded about the trade war between the United States and China is going through one of the notorious times. Now, in a recent announcement, the Commerce Ministry of China said that actions from Washington are preventing potential negotiations from the part of Beijing. The ministry also wants the United States government to address its wrong actions before negotiation talks can happen.

“If the U.S. would like to keep on negotiating it should, with sincerity, adjust its wrong actions. Only then can talks continue,” reads a CNBC translation of the statement made by Gao Feng, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce. Although Feng had not specified the actions to which he was referring to, everyone is aware that the previous months have seen some of the toughest decisions from Washington.

On May 10, president Donald Trump had announced the tariffs applied on Chinese goods worth $200 billion would be increased to 25% from a previously-set number of 10%. There was also a response from the side of Beijing, which had raised the levies on US products worth $60 billion. It was followed by the decision of the US government to impose a ban on Huawei, which has now been prevented from conducting business with US companies.

Following this ban, several companies including Google had decided to end the business with Huawei and it meant the smartphone manufacturer would not able to use US-based products such as Play Store and chips from companies like Qualcomm. US governmental agencies were also banned from using networking and cellular connectivity equipment from the manufacturer.

As of now, there is no confirmation on when or whether Donald Trump would be meeting with Xi Jinping but a meeting seems quite necessary considering the density of the situation.

Apple’s WWDC Keynote on June 3 Expected To Reveal New Software

Apple's WWDC Keynote on June 3 Expected To Reveal New Software

World Wide Developers Conference is something that every developer looks forward to. This year too, the conference will be happening, and Apple has just announced that the keynote presentation of the event will be happening on June 3rd. It is reported that the keynote address will be talking about new software Apple has been working on for the past year, including but not limited to iOS and macOS.

Owing to the tradition of WWDC announcements, Apple is expected to announce the newer versions of OSs for devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch etc. In particular, this year’s event would focus on iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, say some reports. In addition to this, watchOS 6 may also make it to the spotlight while thousands of developers tune into Apple official website and the auditorium.

There are already some rumors regarding what these new Operating Systems are bringing. For instance, iOS 13 is expected to bring some tweaks to the user interface while addressing the existing bugs as well. One of the talked-about features is that a new animation would be added when closing apps and launching a multi-tasking window. A Dark Mode is also expected in the latest version of iOS.

macOS, on the other hand, is rumored to get some major changes in this iteration. Most importantly, the new version would allow users to run iPad apps on Mac, which opens a plethora of options. In addition to this major change, Apple is reportedly bringing some in-house apps like Screen Time, Reminders, Shortcuts and others, to macOS, adding more productivity options.

It is not normal for Apple to make product launches during WWDC, as the conference is software-focused. But, we will have to wait until 3rd June, 10 AM (Local time) to see whether the trillion-dollar company takes a diversion here.