Get Duked Finishing, Defined

‘Get Duked’ (originally titled ‘Boyz in The Wood’) is the directorial debut of Ninian Doff, who comes from music video background. ‘Get Duked’ is a British black comedy/ thriller that is both funny and thrilling while also being a satirical commentary on class and generation divide and even racism, without being preachy. It is fresh, […]

20 Maximum Expected Films of 2020

Sometimes the major events of the film year – the super-flicks, franchise continuations, and needless reboots – can overshadow the movies we’ll eventually be discussing and debating years from now. And far more rarely world-shaking events leave the idea of congregated escapism in the dirt, only to be recovered once the priorities of health and […]

The Courier is In line with Two Unsung Heroes

Set in the 1960s, ‘The Courier’ is a historical drama film that chronicles the life of a working-class British businessman, Greville Wynne, who catches the eye of the MI6 and the CIA while traveling frequently through Eastern Europe on work trips. Soon, the intelligence agency recruits him on a secret mission to avert the Cuban […]

The Original, Anaconda Ending Explained – In Depth

‘Anaconda’ is an adventure styled creature-feature that does not disappoint if you walk into it with the right expectations. With a great cast and some beautiful filming locations, the film packs a whole lot of gory “snake-regurgitating” action that keeps you on edge throughout. Although there are moments where it seems too dumbed down or […]