Anime ‘ONE PIECE’ Episode 983 ‘Blushing’ Kid is excited by the viewers! ‘Too precious’

Episode 983 of the popular anime “ONE PIECE” (Fuji TV series) “Samurai’s Seriousness! “Ichimitsu Onigashima Landing” was broadcast on July 18th. There is a scene where Eustass Kid, who is famous as a rough man, shows a side full of gaps, and voices of joy continue.

Touching the contents of the latest episode of the anime, “ONE PIECE.”
“Straw Hat Pirates” has officially joined Jinbe, a sea sailor, and paved the way for Kaido’s Onigashima Island. Meanwhile, Trafalgar Law and several members of the Nine Red Scabbard begin their dive towards the back door of the island. In addition, the “Kid Pirates” and the ships carrying Nishikiemon and Samurai also advanced their boats.

When his friends land on Onigashima, Nishikiemon prepares a mysterious gate. Nishikiemon created this gate with the ability of “Fukufuku no Mi,” and it was an excellent thing that you could disguise just by going through it. Luffy and his friends go through the gate one after another to impersonate Kaido’s subordinates.

The scene in which the kid was disguised was particularly noticeable this time. He changed his clothes without noticing it, and he was in a rage, saying, “Hey, what’s this!” However, when Luffy praised him, “It looks great! It looks insanely strong!”, He blushed his face and argued with a look that confused shyness and anger.

Speaking of the kid, it is warlike in the top class among the “worst generation” and is famous as a de S character. He always acted aggressively against Luffy and Rho. However, this time, because the dere scene that is the exact opposite of the image was drawn, “I can’t do it, I died because it was too precious” “The moment the kid blushed, I took a mess of continuous shooting” “Blush kid is too cute? I love it too much and have nosebleeds. “The blushing kid is so cute that I almost fly. “It’s foul of being shy and screaming. I like it too much.”

By the way, before the landing on Onigashima, there is a scene where the sailors of the “Kid Pirates” call themselves “Bright Pirates.” The killer hated it, but Kid, who was struck by Luffy and entered the gag space-time, was a bright pirate no matter how he looked.

Luffy and Kid work together to confront the strongest creature on earth, Kaido. In the future, you may often see a kid with a more vital dere component.

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