Anime voice entertainer Megumi Hayashibara’s Line Inverse will hold virtual VTuber show

Slayers star takes virtual stage, with one more anime sorceress along for the good times.

The previous year has been a particularly troublesome one for melodic entertainers, as the pandemic has made shows, fan meet-and-welcomes, and different social events unimaginable. As an anime character, however, Line Inverse, star of the Slayers establishment, is in no peril of expressly contracting or spreading the infection, thus she’ll be holding a show, online in virtual space, one month from now.

Inside the Slayers setting, oneself declared “delightful magic virtuoso” may not herself be famous for her singing abilities, but rather her voice entertainer, the amazing Megumi Hayashibara, definitely is. Hayashibara, whose resume highlights such notable characters as Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami, Ranma 1/2’s Ranma Saotome, and surprisingly Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, has contributed signature melodies to a stunning number of anime creations throughout her profession, including in excess of two dozen for Slayers.

For her show, authoritatively called the Lina Inverse 3D Concert, Lina will play out the melodies “Give a Reason” (opening topic to Slayers Next), “12 PM Blue” (finishing topic to the main Slayers film), “Breeze” (opening subject to Slayers Try), “Transformation” (finishing topic to Slayers Revolution), and “Two Thumbs Up” (a picture tune from the Slayers Megumixxx accumulation collection).

Notwithstanding tunes, the streamed occasion, which is essential for the Slayers 30-year-commemoration merriments, will incorporate a “YouTuber-style” video part, highlighting Lina as well as evidently likewise her companion/rival Naga, as both Hayashibara and Naga’s voice entertainer, Maria Kawamura, are recorded in the occasion’s voice credits, with establishment maker Hajime Kanzaka going about as content manager.

Concerning the particular scenes, on May 7 the show will stream by means of XWorld VR Chat, while on May 8 the host is real time video stage Twitcasting. Both beginning at 9 p.m. with a ticket charge of 3,300 yen (US$32). Ticket numbers are being restricted, and applications can be made for the May 7 stream here and the May 8 one here.

Fan-centered food fun is a 30th-birthday celebration party for the dream establishment, and furthermore the solitary eatery in Japan where you can DRINK jellyfish.

Slayers began as a novel sequential path back in 1989, yet it truly began taking off in prominence with its first TV anime transformation in 1995. That achievement prompted numerous spin-off arrangement, dramatic highlights, and direct-to-video portions, and following a 18-year break, writer Hajime Kanzaka restarted the mainline of the dream novel arrangement in 2018, breathing new life into the establishment with the most recent book distributed simply last October.

Presently Slayers has gone to its next spot on the rebound preliminary, with its own special themed bistros in Tokyo and Osaka!

Reported just after the beginning of the new year, the Slayers Cafe, authoritatively called the Slayers Cafe Doramata-tei, is a collective exertion with the Good Smile Animate Cafe chain. Normally, the Tokyo branch is situated in the Akihabara area, on the fifth floor of the Akiba Cultures Zone building.

A few bits of new workmanship, including the cast of characters in waitstaff regalia, were made by arrangement artist Rui Araizumi to praise the café’s opening, with signed adaptations in a presentation case outside the passage.

Since the Good Smile Animate Cafe routinely changes around its subjects, they haven’t gone all out in reproducing an archaic bar. There’s a lot of work of art in plain view, however, with enormous standards, place tangles, and screens all gladly showing lovely divination virtuoso Lina Inverse and her experience partners.

It ought to likewise be noticed that the Slayers Cafe is an inarguable fan-pleaser with its melodic determination, which is a constant turn of signature tunes from across the establishment, a few performed by Lina voice entertainer Megumi Hayashibara. There’re even a couple of English adaptations of the tunes tossed in with the general mish-mash.

Everything on the menu has a type of association with the arrangement. The greater part of the food things are associated with some world-building subtlety from the books, since similar as Japan, pretty much every town or district in the Slayers universe has a neighborhood dish they’re well known for (with Lina’s craving to eat them launching numerous story lines). The beverages, then, are essentially visual salutes to their separate character motivations.

For instance, the Black Dragon’s Tribute (980 yen [US$8.90]) is a callback to the Slayers Special 4 novel. The mythical beast wafer is palatable, and the meat is really pork, sautéed with cabbage in a sesame miso sauce.

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