PS5’s DualSense Controller: Did it live up to its initial hype? [Done]

The DualSense is not only the best controller Sony has ever put its name to, but that rare gaming input device that manages to feel genuinely innovative. A pleasingly sturdier beast than its predecessor, the DualSense outshines the PS4’s DualShock 4 in every conceivable way, finally giving PlayStation owners a controller that rivals Xbox’s offerings.  … Read more

Samsung G7 gaming monitor

Is VA panel technology truly suitable for a bleeding-edge gaming display? That’s the conundrum facing the new Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G7. It’s a premium-priced 27-inch monitor with its work cut out convincing doubters who remember the bad old days of VA panels and associate the technology with ghastly ghosting and chronic lag. That aside, the … Read more

Marvel Phase 4 Announcements

Marvel Studios has 25 upcoming movies and TV shows coming in the next few years, and they just revealed a lot of details. Trailers, casting and brand new announcements, the plan for MCU Phase 4 and beyond has never been so clear – or as exciting. 2020 was a very strange year for Marvel. Due … Read more

That famous yellow jersey was burnt into the imagination of a global audience

Brazil’s vivid yellow jersey is an emblem that unites the nation by a love of soccer and nationwide delight, nonetheless over the earlier two years the shirt’s adoption by correct wing supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, who placed on it at protests and rallies to point their political allegiance to the Brazilian president, is inflicting controversy. … Read more

Japanese soccer would have been driven into the professional era

In a singular timeline, Japanese soccer would have been pushed into the expert interval not by Zico’s Kashima Antlers, nevertheless by Diego Maradona’s Nagoya Grampus Eight. As an alternative of “The House That Zico Constructed” nestled throughout the backwaters of Ibaraki Prefecture, possibly Toyota Stadium, which Grampus has generally known as home since 2001, could … Read more