“Bakuten !!” Kaito Ishikawa, who supports Shimba Tsuchiya, and other gorgeous voice actors are shining in good performances.

A spring 2021 anime with a good harvest of original anime. “Bakuten !!”, which depicts the youth of the high school boys’ rhythmic gymnastics club, is receiving a lot of attention not only from core anime fans but also from all directions. This work, which is broadcast in the Noitamina frame of Fuji TV, which produces many masterpieces, was produced as part of the “Zutto Ouen Project 2011 +10” that Fuji TV is working on jointly with partner companies. In 2021, which is the 10th anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, three anime works set in the affected areas of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima will be released, and “Bakuten !!” will be the first of these. The stage this time in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. Shotaro Futaba, the main character who saw the performance of private Soshukan High School, commonly known as ” Ao High School” at a men’s rhythmic gymnastics tournament in the summer of the third year of junior high school however, he himself joins the men’s rhythmic gymnastics club at Ao High School and is depicted as devoting himself to the competition with his unique friends. What left a strong impact on the viewers from the first episode was the performance of Ao High School, which was the catalyst for Shotaro to be fascinated by the world of rhythmic gymnastics. In the rhythmic gymnastics performance scene, motion capture that digitizes the movements of humans and objects and reflects them in 3DCG characters is used, such as the rhythmic gymnastics club of Aomori Yamada High School and the professional unit “BLUE TOKYO” Athletes are participating as actors. That is why the movements are real and powerful, and people who are not familiar with rhythmic gymnastics are impressed by the new world as well as Shotaro, and people who have experience in rhythmic gymnastics and active players are praising them. On the other hand, the lighting of the venue was turned off during the performance, and the spotlight was shining on the players of Ao High School. This is more attractive, as the former director of Aomori Yamada High School, Sakae Arakawa, who supervised the rhythmic gymnastics in this work, said, “Like an anime, a big stage such as a national tournament will entertain the audience by devising a way to show it. “I want you to become a thing” (see: [Anime Bucron !!] A performance scene pursuing realism / supervised by Mr. Arakawa (from Hachinohe)). In addition, words such as “Sasa Kamaboko”, which is a specialty of Miyagi prefecture, and “Kushitakoyaki”, the soul food of Iwanuma, are scattered everywhere, and men’s rhythmic gymnastics and disasters are scattered. The enthusiasm to support and liven up the ground is conveyed. What I feel most about that spirit is the luxury of the voice actors who play the students of the men’s rhythmic gymnastics club. The main character, Shotaro, is played by Shimba Tsuchiya, who is known as the younger brother of actress Tao Tsuchiya… Originally active as an actor on TV and on stage, Tsuchiya made her debut as a voice actor in 2016 and was selected as a five-colored engineer in the TV anime series “Haikyu !!”, which was based on the theme of high school volleyball in the same year. GoShogunis an ace when he is selected as a starting lineup even though he is a first-year student at Shiratorizawa Gakuen High School, a strong school for men’s volleyball. Tsuchiya’s own background, which was his first appearance in the anime, was successful, and the freshness of a little while ago, with a strong desire to play volleyball, was conveyed from the screen. Tsuchiya then “Welcome to the Ballroom” and “The Maidens in the Rough Season.”, And won the New Actor Award at the “15th Voice Actor Award” this year. Shotaro, who is expected to play an active role in the future, is unreliable in some places, but he has a straightforward personality and absorbs advice from seniors and directors like a sponge, and is growing. Supporting the newcomer Tsuchiya as both a voice actor and a role is Daisuke Ono, who plays the role of Masamune Nanagahama, a hot man who is the captain of Ao High School, and Takashi Kondo, who is the deputy captain and brings together the youthful and energetic members. Hiroshi Shimono, who plays the role of Nagayoshi Onagawa, a mood maker who likes idols, and Hiroshi Kamiya, who plays the role of Kotaro Watari, who looks good but takes good care of them, are “seniors” who are also popular. In addition, including the role of Tenya Iida in “My Hero Academia” this term, “Dragon, buy a house. Ishikawa Kaito, who plays an important character in “Let’s Make a Mug Cup” As a first-year student with the ability to runner-up in the men’s rhythmic gymnastics junior tournament, he plays the role of Yoshiya Misato, who inspires Shotaro. Ishikawa, who plays a wide range of roles from cool and calm roles to macho hot-blooded boys, seems to have a good relationship with Tsuchiya as a voice actor, and Tsuchiya said “Kamina” when he was worried. He said that he was saved by the words, “If it’s Kun’s voice, how can I fall into Futaba, so I think I can ignore the elements of the range?” What is the saying of the anime “Bakuten !!” Interview “). Of course, the depiction of full-scale rhythmic gymnastics and the human drama in which the rhythmic gymnastics members of Ao High School strive to clear the tasks are the highlights of this work, but they are messed up like high school boys other than practice It’s fun to see them. In the fifth episode, Ao High School and the members of the rhythmic gymnastics club of the rival school, Private Shiranari University High School, commonly known as “Shiro High School”, all play rhythmic gymnastics in the school. Other than the character’s humanity and rhythmic gymnastics, my favorite things have emerged. Because everyday scenes are carefully drawn, the serious expression of devoting himself to rhythmic gymnastics stands out, and the desire to support him grows stronger. Tsuchiya, who played the role of Shotaro, once appeared, and in fact, it is set in the same Miyagi prefecture and has a “!!” at the end of the title, both of which have much in common with the spoken x youth ensemble drama “Haikyu !!”. “Haikyu !!” has become a big title that has gained popularity both in Japan and overseas, with the omnibus of the first phase of the anime being screened in theaters and being performed regularly as stage performances from 2015 to the present. The possibilities of various media developments are expanding. For the coming summer, I’d like to check out “Bakuten !!”, which will make you feel hot.

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