Channel 9 weatherman pulls body from the water at Gold Coast beach

Nine News Queensland meteorologist Luke Bradnam has been engaged with two crisis salvages at Narrowneck on the Gold Coast tonight while providing details regarding around evening time’s risky swells.

Minutes after he was behind closed doors, Mr Bradnam stripped out of his suit, and hustled to the water, to help what he thought was somebody battling in the slippery conditions.

“A boogie line at Narrowneck alarmed me, he thought he’d seen somebody battling again out in the surf,” Mr Bradnam said live after the salvage, experiencing recognized a surfer in difficulty prior.

Nine News Queensland meteorologist Luke Bradnam has been engaged with two crisis recues at Narrowneck on the Gold Coast tonight, while covering around evening time’s conjecture.

“I quickly peeled off and dashed out with the boogie guest to help the individual in a difficult situation.”

However, as the pair drew nearer, they understood the man’s condition was doomed.

“It turned out to be really apparent that there was a body gliding in the water,” the Channel Nine journalist said.

“Both of us had the option to get the body and begin clearing our path through a tear, once again into shore.”

Police showed up at Narrowneck as the body made it to the sand — a defying scene for the many local people going for a Friday night walk along the sea shore.

Mr Bradnam disclosed to he desires to “never experience that again”.

Luke Bradnam and a boogie guest swim through a tear to carry the individual’s body to shore.

“Seemingly out of the blue, I thought this is somebody’s child, it will bring some conclusion – we’ve quite recently had the opportunity to do it,” he said.

Putting forth his attempts more courageous, the meteorologist did everything with a harmed shoulder, which is ordinarily in a sling.

“I feel okay, it may hit me later,” he said.

The character of the individual is yet to be affirmed however comes as a recuperation mission is in progress for man who disappeared off a Gold Coast sea shore the previous evening.

A man in his 30s disappeared on February 4 at Kurrawa Beach, 5.7km from where Mr Bradnam recuperated a body at Narrowneck.

The man, accepted to be a UK public matured in his 30s, was accounted for missing for the time being at Kurrawa Beach, 5.7km south of Narrowneck where Mr Bradnam recovered the body.

Police said recently, the quest for the missing man was being treated as a recuperation mission, after the body of the lady he was with, was discovered inert.

Police stay on the scene.

Mr Bradnam’s salvage happened minutes after he detected a surfer stuck in a solid swell.

It was right around a salvage mission however as Mr Bradnam got to the water’s edge, the surfer started to make it to shore.

Enormous waves and damaging tides are cutting away the coastline at the Gold Coast today, as a flooding twister swell starts to make landfall.

Many surfers rushed to Burleigh Heads, all anxious to get the principal swell of 2021.

“Definitely it was really fun, became some ill ones, around three to four foot (0.9 to 1.2 meters) on the sets so it was quite decent,” nearby surfer Blake Weis told 9News.

“I’ve been out there since 7 earlier today – I’ve done that the most recent four days straight.”

Lifeguards are keeping sea shores open however encouraging alert for anybody entering the water.

“The easterly swells are in every case all the more remarkable and conditions near shore, there’s water moving around constantly,” neighborhood lifeguard Chris Maynard said.

“The tears are solid flows are running actually furiously.

“It’s in every case truly imperative to remain well inside those hailed territories and stay overall quite close since you can be cleared out to see without any problem.”

At Narrowneck, Surfers Paradise, the sea is gulping the sea shore as elevated tide consumes the foreshore, which City of Gold Coast Council says is the most noticeably terrible of the disintegration.

It comes as the coastline is as yet recuperating in the wake of being battered by summer superstorms.

The unpleasant conditions are digging in for the long haul with the swell is required to work throughout the next few days.

Portions of Queensland have copped a dousing with a short and sharp storm flooding portions of the Sunshine State.

Bribie Island saw 138mm, while Brisbane recorded 20mm in 60 minutes.

More downpour is normal today.

In Western Australia, Perth’s north-east is toward the beginning of today held by a bushfire crisis.

A beast fiery blaze extending 80 kilometers has consumed in excess of 9000 hectares of land.

At any rate 59 homes have been lost and it’s expected that number will expand today.

Across the remainder of the country, a rainstorm box is producing zones of downpour and tempests in the northern jungles.

A profound low over Western Australia is setting off hefty downpour and breezy breezes.

Box are causing showers and tempests in focal WA, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

A low close to southeast NSW and eastern Victorian coasts is causing showers.

Here’s the public estimate for Wednesday, February 3.


A top of 29 degrees in Brisbane. Showers, mellow to-warm in the southeast. A late shower, warm in the upper east and northwest. Generally bright, extremely warm in the southwest.


It’ll be 25 degrees in Sydney and Canberra. Generally bright, cool-to-gentle in the upper east. Generally overcast, cool-to-mellow in the southeast. Generally radiant, warm in the southwest. Radiant, warm in northwest.


A radiant 25 degrees in Melbourne today. Expanding daylight, cool-to-gentle in the southwest. Late shower, cool-to-cold in the southeast. Radiant, warm in the northwest. Generally bright, warm in the upper east.

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