Demon Slayer season 2: the anime will have a sequel, first trailer revealed!


There is some heartwarming news in this freezing winter. It has just been announced, the Demon Slayer anime will have the right to a season 2, the release date of which is expected in 2021. And in order to celebrate this great return, a first trailer has already been unveiled.

This is an announcement that should not surprise anyone – but which is nonetheless reassuring: Demon Slayer is not about to leave our screens. Despite the end of Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga in May 2020, the recent success of The Infinity Train (which shattered all records in Japan ) made producers realize that this universe continues to fascinate audiences.

A season 2 for Demon Slayer
In fact, it has just been formalized, the Demon Slayer anime will have the right to a sequel. Little information is currently known about it, except that this season 2 will be released this year (in 2021) in Japan and will respond directly to the story of the Infinity Train.

A revelation that makes sense but which, at the moment, is not very good news for French fans. And for good reason, the film in question has still not been broadcast in France and, in the event that season 2 would land in simulcast with us, the plot could prove difficult to follow at the beginning. Suffice to say that French producers will have to be active to avoid problems of consistency and understanding.

See you in the pleasure district
In addition, know that this season 2 was subtitled ” The district of the pleasures ” and that it will always be carried out by Haruo Sotozaki with the studio Ufotable. And to celebrate this return, a first visual has even already been unveiled (see below), as well as a trailer as promising as it is sublime (see above).

On the story side, a first synopsis – shared by Manga-News, was also presented. And unsurprisingly, these new episodes will make us travel and vibrate like never before, ” Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke will go on a mission in the pleasure district of Yoshiwara with Tengen Uzui, the pillar of sound in order to flush out a demon, possibly in the origin of the disappearance of three kunoichis. Desperate to complete their investigation (they will go so far as to disguise themselves as courtesans), they will realize that this demon is much more clever and difficult to catch than they are. imagined. “

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