Dragon Ball – Vegeta cares about Goku more than ever in the new chapters of the series

The new chapters of Dragon Ball are not leaving anyone indifferent. In addition, we have double-entry every month, because on the one hand the new installments of the manga series are released, and on the other the premiere episodes of the anime series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Interestingly, both works share certain unique patterns, such as the one we are going to address today.

All of what I am going to comment on, we addressed it last Friday in our Direct Z, so if you missed it and want to hear it out loud, we recommend that you take a look at our video above. Don’t you know what the program is about? Well, every Friday, at 10:00 p.m., you have an appointment with us on YouTube and Twitch, where we talk at length with chat fans, especially about Dragon Ball, commenting on experiences, unboxings, and news from the series of our lives.

The fact is that last Friday we discussed the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super, which you already have available in Spanish in the Manga Plus application, and we were surprised by something that we have been observing in recent times (beware, there may be a spoiler ). Indeed, it is about Vegeta, and it is that the prince of the Saiyans is more affectionate than ever with Son Goku.

There is no doubt, their relationship does not stop evolving and fans have taken notice of the matter, reacting very positively to Vegeta’s attitude towards Son Goku, his greatest rival. In recent times, when Goku is in trouble or suffers a serious attack, Vegeta is by his side to help him, but not before showing great concern for his great friend. We saw it in the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super (you have the scene just below when Goku receives a hit from Granola ) and we also appreciate it in the last chapter of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, when Black defeats Goku before the petrified look of Vegeta.

What do you think of the evolution that the character is undergoing? Is it cool that Vegeta is constantly changing during the series? Without a doubt, he is one of the richest characters in the entire history of Dragon Ball.

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