From China! Unique violence animation “DAHUFA -Guardian and Mysterious Bean Man-” to be released in Japan in 2021

The violent animated film “DAHUFA -Guardian and the Mysterious Bean Man-“, which attracted attention as the first age-restricted animation in Chinese history and gained enthusiastic support for its radical violence, was released in Japan in 2021. It was decided that At the same time, poster visuals and scene photos were unveiled.

“DAHUFA -Guardian and the Mysterious Bean Man-” is a violent animated film featuring Duffer, the guardian of Eway, who searches for the disappeared crown prince from the royal palace. Duffer crossed the border and arrived at a mysterious village, but the inhabitants of that village did not have their own will, did not speak, and looked exactly like each other. With an eerie sign in the village, Duffer gradually approaches the hidden secret. While there is a violent depiction of strange creatures that are not similar to humans being cut off one after another, the relationship between the ruler and the village that appears in the play is depicted as an irony to the class society. The content is a finish that gives a glimpse of deep ideas. In mainland China, where there is no movie rating system and anime works are aimed at children, the production side voluntarily regulates “Please refrain from watching under the age of 13”, and it is an “unprecedented” challenge for Chinese domestic animation. It became. In China, it became a smash hit of about 1.35 billion yen in Japanese yen, and it is a work that has been highly evaluated by Chinese anime fans. The poster visual released this time is a copy of “There is a village of ghosts who dream of humans with fake eyes and mouths.” The main character, Duffer, is captured surrounded by strangely shaped human-like creatures. The scene photos that were also unveiled are original, such as Duffer standing beside the creature with its neck decapitated, and a cut that captures the disturbing appearance of the creatures trying to execute a shooting. You can feel the world view. The Chinese violent animated film “DAHUFA -Guardian and the Mysterious Bean Man-” was released in 2021. “DAHUFA -Guardian and Mysterious Bean Man-” Director: Mysterious Production: Ray Saijoya Kagegyo, Yoshiden Video Production: Ray Saijoya Kagegyo, Yoshiden Video Source: Interesting Movie Distribution: Atemo Enlight Pictures. (C) FACE WHITE PICTURES.

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