Fusion! Girl combines Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman in a surprising cosplay

Half Sailor Scout and half Amazon Princess

In recent years we have seen the arrival and resurgence of the most powerful women in comics to the big screen and there is no one who is not happy about it. Wonder Woman moved us to tears and Sailor Moon has immersed us in placid nostalgia with her new adaptations.

What if someone combines these two great concepts? Lisa Mancini, a streamer and cosplay teacher, showed us what seemed like a dream. Thanks to her incredible work we can see what a fusion between Serena Tsukino and Diana Prince would look like in cosplay.

Lisa Mancini was completely involved in the creation of her cosplay, even from the conception of it, to the creation of the props. Just take a look at her Instagram account to see how she first drew Serena wearing Wonder Woman’s armor and then created each part of the costume from scratch.

Considering the powerful women who inspired her cosplay. The combination of elements between Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman was one of the great challenges, but we cannot be more than happy with the result. Broadly speaking, we can describe Serena with Diana’s Amazon armor, since it is even the colors of the Sailor Scout that prevail in the outfit.

The great work of this influencer shows that epic cosplays do not need an exaggerated budget but ingenuity and desire to do it. Most of the elements of this fusion between Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman are wallpaper. The burden of course falls on the artist who uses her best acting skills to become a warrior heroine. This is clearly noticed by his fans, who already have a total of 157 thousand on Instagram.

For those who do not know, Serena is the great heroine of Sailor Moon, the leader of the Sailor Scouts, and one of the most popular and important female anime characters of all time. Serena was created by Naoko Takeuchi in the 1990s. On the other hand, Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman, is the most important heroine in the world of comics, a founding member of the Justice League and part of the DC Comics Trinity along with Batman and Superman. Diana is currently played by Gal Gadot in the DCEU.

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