In the popular Meetuba Mirika from the summer anime ‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’.? Episode 4 Preceding Cut.

From the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend,” the synopsis / preceding scene cut of the 4th episode “She and her” broadcast from July 23 (Friday) have been released.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is a neo-standard romantic comedy based on the manga serialized by Hiroyuki in “Weekly Shonen Magazine.” Naoya, a first-year high school student at the height of happiness because she is going out with her childhood friend Saki, who has always liked her, was pressed by her classmate Nagisa to “want me to go out with her.”

It’s a story that begins with making a choice. In the fourth episode, “She and Her,” Saki, who once left Naoya’s house, returned safely, and Saki and Nagisa decided to play an app game, which is Saki’s hobby, to deepen their relationship. Nagisa, who is not good at games, accidentally finds their school uniform in the video’s thumbnail when they try to practice by watching the live video of the popular Meetuba Mirika. The next day. As usual, Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa were eating lunch at the gymnasium, and someone came in through the high window that they should have closed.

The fourth episode of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend,” “She and Her,” will start broadcasting on July 23 (Friday) in the MBS, TBS, BS-TBS Animeism frame.

Broadcasting will begin on July 2, 2021, in the MBS, TBS, BS-TBS “Animism” frame! [MBS] Every Friday from 26:25 on July 2 (Friday) [TBS] Every Friday from 26:25 on July 2 (Friday) [BS-TBS] Every week from July 2 (Friday) Friday 27: 00- [ABEMA Premium] Every Friday from July 2 (Friday) 27: 00- [ABEMA] Every Saturday from 24:00 on July 3 [AT-X] July From Wednesday, 7th, every Wednesday from 22:30 Repeat broadcast every Friday 10:30 / every Tuesday 16:30 [Cast] Naoya Mukai: Enoki AtsushiWataru Sasaki tree Saki: Ayane Sakura minase Nagisa: Kazu氣AS Not Rika Hoshizaki: Ayana Taketatsu Sino Kiryu: Rie Takahashi [staff] Original: Hiroyuki (Kodansha “Weekly Shonen Magazine” series) Director: Satoshi Kuwahara series configuration: Daichi Keiichiro Screenplay: Keiichiro Ochi Kazuhiko Inukai Mayumi Morita Character Design / Animation Director: Akiko Toyoda Art Director: Masami Saito Color Design: Yumi Yutani Photo Director: Toshiya Kimura (T2 Studio) Editing: Wataru Uchida (Conquest) Sound Director: Motoyama Satoshi Sound Production: HALF H ・ P STUDIO Music: Miki Sakurai Tatsuhiko Saiki Music Production: Nichion Music Cooperation: Mirika Music OP Theme: Nekrai Talkie “I’m Not Playful” ED Theme: Momo Asakura “Pinky Hook” Animation production: Tezuka Production (C) Hiroyuki Kodansha / Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee 2021

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