K-Drama Cast Members Revealed!

This article will examine the cast subtleties of Shooting Star. At whatever point new K-Dramas are delivered, it is an exceptionally thrilling time for fans. What is potentially better compared to getting an opportunity to see our top choice on our screens once more? In any case, this time with a new story! On August 25, 2021, it was affirmed that Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae would show up in the impending tVN dramatization called ‘Meteorite.’ The delivery date for the show is at some point in mid-2022, and nothing has been affirmed about something very similar yet. In any case, the recording for ‘Falling stars’ is good to go to start in late September 2021. The dramatization will be accessible on the and iQIYI for streaming around the world.

The dramatization is said to show us genuine depictions of superstars, chiefs, and organizations. There are a few parts of media outlets that are regularly stowed away from the crowd. What we see is just the sparkling outside. There are excesses of kept-out privileged insights inside, and ‘Meteorite’ is one such dramatization that will show us the in-the background truth of our #1 stars.

Meteorite: The Cast

Going to a bit of foundation about the stars, Lee Sung Kyung is a 31-year old entertainer who we have found in a few shows, remembering Cheese For The Trap, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and Dr. Heartfelt 2. She is addressed by YG Entertainment and is positively a power to deal with in the business. Sung Kyung is a beneficiary of a few honors, including the SBS Drama Awards, MBC Drama Awards, Asia Artist Award, and APAN Star Award. Lee Sung Kyung is additionally a setup craftsman and has a few melodies credited to her.

Coming to Kim Young Dae, a 26-year old entertainer generally known for his part in Extraordinary You. We have additionally seen him in The Penthouse: War in Life and Cheat On Me If You Can. Kim Young Dae has additionally been named for a few honors, including the SBS Drama Awards and MBC Drama Awards. In any case, given that his vocation is moderately exceptionally new, he indeed still has a highly long approach. We can’t hold back to see all that is coming up for the capable entertainer!

Falling star – The Plot

The plot of the series will give fans a brief look into the intriguing universe of the K-dramatization industry. The primary thought behind the story of ‘Falling star’ is to show individuals who work in the background in media outlets. Lee Sung Kyung assumes the part of Oh Han Byeol. Han Byeol works in the Public Relations Department of the anecdotal Star Force Entertainment. She has superb discourse and emergency the board abilities. Indeed, as per tVN, Han Byeol rules the business with the powers she brings to the table.

Simultaneously, Kim Young Dae assumes the part of Gong Tae Sung. Tae Sung turns out to be the essence of Star Force Entertainment. He is the most valued craftsman for Star Force and the whole tiny screen industry overall. Tae Sung is a youthful entertainer. Notwithstanding, he has left a significant imprint for himself currently in the ten years that he has spent in the business. He is, as of now, a legend. That is the thing that everybody believes him to be.

Fans know Tae Sung as the ideal craftsman who doesn’t have any outrages scarring the name he has made for himself. In any case, that isn’t the situation, however. Stowed away inside, Tae Sung is amazingly hot-tempered and cutthroat. As a result of his temperament, Han Byeol and Tae Sung are continually squabbling.

The dramatization will show us all that occurs in media outlets. However, we frequently miss it. TVN portrayed the reason of the show to be about individuals who ‘tidy up the crap that stars abandon.’ It will unquestionably be an exceptionally intriguing watch when it at long last hits our screens.

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