Leaving a major company and starting a Vtuber office 25 year old draws ‘kawaii to the world’

Dominate the world with Japanese culture. From April 28th to 30th, five first-year students of the new virtual YouTuber VTuber production ‘kawaii’ made their debut on YouTube. The five performers live in English-speaking countries, and most of their activities are in English, but they can also speak Japanese. Mr. Kyosuke Kinoshita, the representative director of LOY, who runs the production, said, ‘Japanese VTuber has the appeal following manga and anime. I want to spread kawaii overseas like Otaku.’ Said enthusiasm.

Islay Coleman, Charlotte Suzu, Hana Flores, Nene Amano, Reina Sun. In the debut video, five unique people introduced themselves, asked questions, and Chisato Moritaka of Hana. Each sang enthusiastically in Japanese, such as ‘Even if I become an oba’. Mr. Kinoshita said, ‘I feel like my child has debuted. I’m really happy. All five of them are still stiff, but I think they will show their true potential more and more.’ It was. We are steadily expanding the range of activities such as game videos and chat. Mr. Kinoshita, who says that kawaii, which is the axis of his activities, is ‘moe, I think’ is from Shizuoka and was good at English conversation, such as going to the classroom from an early age. After entering Meiji University, studied abroad in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from Meiji University, he joined P & G, a foreign manufacturer of cosmetics and daily necessities, in April last year, and was in charge of marketing for cosmetics SK-II at P & G Singapore. Based on his experience of interacting with people from all over the world, he explained: ‘I can’t find the word ‘moe’ in English well. Japanese women are very popular overseas. Seeing the humility, embarrassment, and squirming, overseas men want to protect. I feel like it’s ‘moe’. Overseas women have a lot of straightforward emotional expressions and have a unique charm that is different from cute and beautiful. However, I can’t explain it clearly myself. However, I think that is also attractive. ‘At P & G, I was in charge of global branding and campaigns that connect customers and products by making use of my language skills. However, all work is remote due to the corona disaster. ‘The work of the company was rewarding, but when I couldn’t go abroad to my liking, when I thought about what I wanted to accomplish in my life, I thought it would be difficult for an office worker. This gave me confidence and made me even more entrepreneurial. ‘He left the company in November last year and devised various entrepreneurial plans. In 2017, when he was absorbed in manga and anime, Kizuna AI, famous for the world’s first VTuberI met. I was fascinated by the direct interaction with the characters and the charm of being able to meet 24 hours a day, which cannot be achieved with manga or anime. Based on his own experience, ‘While manga and anime are known overseas, VTuber is not well known. I think there is a lot of room for growth in the market, and above all, I wanted to do what I liked,’ he said at the end of last year. I made up my mind. Even if competition intensified, such as the advancement of a major production Hololive into the English-speaking world, the axis of kawaii did not fluctuate. Although the numerical results are not perfect, the debut plans for the 2nd and 3rd gen members are in progress, and they are looking ahead. Regarding the points of the five more, ‘Ira is a princess and Tsundere. Charlotte is Lori, but she has a cute dhampir mixed blood of vampires and humans and Kiba is cute. Hana has a sense of humor and calmness, and the song is wonderful. Mr. Amano seems to be a strong childhood friend, and there is something missing. Mr. Reina is simply bright and brutal, and even if she is hated by the same sex, she is popular with men. She shyly laughed, ‘Usually you’ll be drawn a little.’

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