“Made in Abyss” TV animation 2nd term “Golden Township of Retsuhi” 22 years broadcast Teaser visual release

“Made in Abyss Retsuhi no Koganekyo” will be broadcast in 2022
(C) Akihito Tsukushi / Takeshobo / Made in Abyss “Golden Township of the Relentless Day” Production Committee

It was decided that the second season of the TV anime “Made in Abyss”, “Made in Abyss Retsuhi no Koganego”, will be broadcast from 2022, and a teaser visual with fantastic characters was shown.

Based on Akihito Tsukushi ‘s dark fantasy manga, the “Made in Abyss” series is a large hole where a girl Riko, an apprentice explorer, lives with a robot leg with memory loss, inhabits strange creatures, and sleeps precious relics. A story that approaches the bottom of “Abyss”. The first period of TV animation was broadcast from July to September 2017, the movie version omnibus (before and after) was released in January 2019, and ” Theatrical version Made in Abyss Deep Soul Dawn ” was released in January 2008.

In addition, it is decided that the 3D action RPG “Made in Abyss Binary Aiming for Darkness” will be released in 2010. An RPG in which players aim to deepen Abyss, including a story that allows players to relive the anime and an original story supervised by the original author, Akihito Tsukushi. Many original characters have also appeared, and the event scene will be developed in full voice by the anime cast.

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