One Piece anime: in what order to watch the series and movies? All the chapters

We tell you in what order you can see the entire One Piece anime, including the filler, so you can choose how to follow each saga and story arc.

One Piece is one of the most iconic manga anime of all time. The work of Eiichiro Oda has managed to exceed the sales of any other work in the Japanese comic universe, including Dragon Ball, and its significance drags tens of millions of faithful across the planet. With a manga in a state of grace with the current arc, the anime gradually approaches those moments. More than 900 episodes adapted by Toei Animation since 1999; in addition to his many films. In this article, we tell you in what order to watch the entire anime series.

The first thing we must make clear is that the One Piece anime strictly follows the chronological order of the manga; there are no severe alterations and it is easy to identify which bows are canon (manga-based) and which are filler (anime originals; not canon) In Naruto, for example, there were episodes with part canon and part filler; In One Piece it is not like that, so if you want to see the entire anime series skipping all the filler, you are in the right place.

As you will see below, we divide the structure of the series into two large blocks: before the time-skip and after the time-skip; something like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z or Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. We do not enter any type of spoiler/plot spoiler.

Without further ado, we leave you the order to see the entire One Piece series in its entirety as well as its films. And you, what saga or arc do you choose? Marineford, Water 7, and Wano are among the public’s favorites.

East Blue Saga (episodes 1-61)

  • Romance Dawn Arc (Episodes 1-3)
  • Buggy Clown Arc (episodes 4-8)
  • Captain Kuro Arc (Episodes 9-18)
  • Movie 1 | One Piece: The Great Golden Pirate (after episode 18 of the anime)
  • Baratie Restaurant Arc (episodes 19-30)
  • Arlong Park Arc (episodes 31-44)
  • Little Buggy’s Adventure (episodes 45-47)
  • Loguetown Arc (episodes 48-53)
  • Movie 2 | Adventure on Gear Island (after episode 52 of the anime)
  • Millennium Dragon Bow (Filler) (episodes 54-61)

Arabasta Saga (episodes 62-135)

  • Reverse Mountain Arc (episodes 62-63)
  • Whiskey Peak Arc (episodes 64-67)
  • Coby and Helmeppo’s Diary (episodes 68-69)
  • Little Garden Arc (episodes 70-77)
  • Drum Island Arc (episodes 78-91)
  • Movie 9 | The Chopper Saga: The Miracle of the Winter Cherry Blossom (remake of the Drum series)
  • Arabasta Arc (episodes 92-130)
  • Movie 3 | Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Rare Animals (after episode 102 of the anime)
  • Movie 4 | No Exit Adventure (after episode 130 of the anime)
  • Nakama Story Arc (filler) (episodes 131-135)
  • Movie 8 | The Arabasta Saga: The Pirates and the Princess of the Desert (remake of the Arabasta saga)

Sky Island Saga (episodes 136-206)

  • Goat Island Arc (Filler) (episodes 136-138)
  • Rainbow Mist Arch (Filler) (episodes 139-143)
  • Movie 5 | The Curse of the Holy Sword (after episode 143 of the anime)
  • Jaya Island Arc (episodes 144-152)
  • Skypiea Arc (episodes 153-195)
  • G-8 Naval Fortress Arch (Filler) (episodes 196-206)

The saga of Water 7 (episodes 207-325)

  • Davy Back Fight Arc (Episodes 207-219)
  • Ocean’s Dreams Arc (Filler) (Episodes 220-224)
  • Foxy’s Return Arc (Filler) (episodes 225-226)
  • Movie 6 | Baron Omatsuri and the Island of Secrets (after episode 224 of the anime)
  • Admiral Aokiji Bow (episodes 227-228)
  • Movie 7 | The Great Mechanic Soldier of Karakuri Castle (after episode 228 of the anime)
  • Water 7 Arc (episodes 229-263)
  • Enies Lobby Arc (Episodes 264-312)
  • Return to Water Arc 7 (Episodes 313-325)

Thriller Bark Saga (episodes 326-384)

  • Lovely Land Arc (Filler) (Episodes 326-336)
  • Thriller Bark Arc (episodes 337-381)
  • Movie 10 | One Piece Film: Strong World (after episode 381 of the anime)
  • Spa Island Arc (Filler) (Episodes 382-384)

Marineford War Saga (episodes 385-516)

  • Duval Pirates Arc (episodes 385-389)
  • Movie 11 | One Piece 3D: Hunt for the Straw Hat! (between the Thriller Bark and Sabaody sagas)
  • Sabaody Archipelago Arch (episodes 390-407)
  • Amazon Lily Arc (Episodes 408-421)
  • Impel Down Arc (episodes 422-458)
  • Marineford War Arc (episodes 459-489)
  • 3D2Y Arc (episodes 490-516)

Fishman Island Saga (episodes 517-574)

  • Return to Sabaody arc (episodes 517-522)
  • Movie 12 | One Piece Film: Z (after episode 573 of the anime)
  • Fishman Island Arc (episodes 523-574)

Pirate Alliance Saga (episodes 575-746)

  • Z’s Arch of Ambition (Filler) (episodes 575-578)
  • Punk Hazard Arc (Episodes 579-625)
  • Caesar’s Kidnapping Arc (Filler) (episodes 626-628)
  • Dressrosa Arc (episodes 629-746)

The saga of the Four Emperors (episodes 747- Ongoing )

  • Silver Mine Arc (Filler) (Episodes 747-750)
  • Movie 13 | One Piece Film: Gold (after episode 750 of the anime)
  • Bow of Zou (episodes 751-779)
  • Navy Supernova Arc (Filler) (episodes 780-782)
  • Whole Cake Island Arc (Episodes 783-877)
  • Bow of the Levely (episodes 878-889)
  • Wano Country Arc (Episodes 890- Ongoing )

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