Release Date Of Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 14

The Oyashiro revile occurrences start with Higurashi: When They Cry SOTSU Episode 14, with Keichi rampaging in the wake of killing every one of his companions aside from Rika. Keichi understands that Rika is the one in particular who knows the mysterious fix of the Oyashiro revile, and he needs to torment her to uncover the reality. Higurashi: When They Cry, SOTSU tells the adversary battle between Hanyuu, who serves Rika, and Eu, who works with Satoko. Eu needs to rule the world with Rika, yet Hanyuu and Rika wish to bring harmony and end the Oyashiro revile for great. From the new Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode, Hanyuu shows up at Eu’s region to dole out the retributions.

Eu stunts Hannyu in the wake of discussing the Fragments, and Hanyuu steps on a switch that shows here the new Fragment. Inside the Fragment, Hanyuu saw Rika sitting on top of the couch with blood all around her body. Keichi has completed the process of killing everybody utilizing a bat. Hanyuu understands that this is Eu’s doings and considers how she can help Rika. Rika considers what grave sin she has resolved to merit this and why it occurs with just her. Keichi defies her and advises her that he is feeling irritated and gets some information about the mysterious fix of the Oyashiro revile.

Rika gets angry and focuses on her head while saying that the fix is her mind, and Keichi can open it and eat her cerebrum. Keichi gets energized and raises his bat, planning to crush Rika’s head to get her cerebrum. He needs to be liberated from the revile and hits Rika to death. Hanyuu understands that it is past the point where it is possible to save Rika. Keichi took a fork, blade, and spoon, planning to have a mind supper.

Beforehand On Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 13

Keichi gets a fork and needs to eat Rika’s mind, yet the police power breaks in and fights with Keichi. He cut one of the police with a blade and disclosed that he needed to dispose of the revile. The police powers attempt to control Keichi, who is beating them. Hanyuu asks her opponent what’s going on the planet. Eu inquires as to whether it isn’t engaging. However, the genuine fun will start. Shockingly Satoko was stowing away under the couch, and she got out when the police power was removing Keichi.

Hanyuu understands that Eu and Satoko are out in front of her and Rika. She understands that Rika got fool by Satoko, and all that Satoko was doing was a misrepresentation. Satoko chose to leave the structure unobtrusively before the police power detected her. She has a firearm that she used to kill the investigator and Mion the previous evening. Satoko goes close to Rika and understands that Rika has lost and everything is going as planned. She remarks that there is nobody to help Rika’s delicate heart. Yet, she is just Rika’s partner. Hanyu thinks about what Satoko pland to do to Rika.

Satoko uncovers that the way to joy lies with her, and Rika should surrender. She made that firearm and effort her head. The Fragment went dim, showing that there would be no life in it. Hanyuu asks why Eu gave Satoko capacity to what she prefers. Eu reminds Hayuu that Hanyuu likewise gave Rika forces, and this is the conflict between rivals. The two had an opponent duel that Hanyuu won. Later Rika, Satoko, and different understudies resuscitate in another piece and rejoin. Yet, Satoko thought of one more dish and started to assault everybody in the evening.

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 14 Release Date

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 14 will be delivered on 23 September 2021, at 11:30 PM. The following scene of Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU will be the scene finale. How about we take a gander at the Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU official subtleties beneath.

Where To Watch Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 14

You can watch Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 14 online on Funimation. Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU will finish up this coming Thursday; don’t miss the last secrets of the Oyashiro revile.

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