Shingeki no Kyojin: Will there be New Season or Movie?

With the last scene Attack on Titan delivering this week, we breakdown whether there might be a season 4 section 2, season 5 or film to this Colossal anime!

It’s practically here, the second that each Attack on Titan fan has been fearing for quite a long time… the last booked scene.

In any case, there is some impressive disarray encompassing the fate of the arrangement, particularly with the view that scene 75 will, indeed, not be the last time we see Eren Jaeger.

Things being what they are, with scene 75 delivering very quickly, we investigate whether there will be a ‘Season 4 Part 2’, season 5, anime film or is this actually the finish of Attack on Titan?


No data has been affirmed to recommend that there will be any new Attack on Titan content later on, implying that scene 75 may in reality be the last portion in the arrangement.

In any case, almost certainly, the arrangement will return in some structure; the most clear piece of information for this is that the anime has not adjusted the whole manga.

The manga arrangement, which is expected to close on April ninth with the arrival of section 139, has a lot of source material left to adjust into more scenes.

Accepting that scene 75 won’t be the last one in the Attack on Titan arrangement, which is more probable: a fifth season, season 4 section 2 or an anime film?


While it is conceivable that Attack on Titan will have a fifth season, it is exceptionally far-fetched now.

For the whole of the limited time crusade for Attack on Titan season 4, it was named as the “last season.”

Except if MAPPA and the arrangement’s related telecom accomplices backtrack on this mark, it would recommend that there won’t be another different period of anime.

Accordingly, it is more plausible that Attack on Titan would return briefly half to prepare 4.

At the hour of composing, the most probable situation will be that Attack on Titan will return for another cour of scenes, named ‘Assault on Titan: Season 4 Part 2’ not long from now.

As there is a lot of source material left to adjust, the most consistent circumstance will be that another cour will debut eventually.

This would not just address the issue of adjusting the remainder of the manga, however it would likewise imply that the limited time title of ‘The Final Season’ stays right.

All in all, if ‘Assault on Titan: Season 4 Part 2’ is to be delivered, when could it discharge on the web?


Assault on Titan season 4 was affirmed in July 2019 and debuted in December 2020; about a 16-month creation plan.

Nonetheless, as this 16-month time span enveloped a difference in studio and a slight postponement for new sections to be delivered, we could trust that creation for season 4 section 2 would be a lot snappier than this.

On the off chance that Attack on Titan season 4 section 2 occurs, a hopeful forecast would be for a December 2021 delivery, yet a more sensible assumption would be for an April 2022 debut.

Then again, consider the possibility that this is it for the Attack on Titan arrangement; could there be a film in progress to wrap up the substance from the manga.


On the off chance that there are no more periods of Attack on Titan and a second cour isn’t arranged, at that point the lone choice left is that the last sections of the manga will be adjusted into one, if not a few, anime films.

This is, generally, because of the mind blowing accomplishment of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, the film that broke incalculable film industry records in Japan and arrived at the fourth most elevated netting film of 2020.

A couple of Attack on Titan anime motion pictures would tackle the issue of polishing off the principle storyline – expecting that we will in any case follow that of the manga.

Considering the extraordinary film industry accomplishment of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, it is protected to expect that the allurement of breaking those records (as Attack on Titan unquestionably would) might be a lot for MAPPA.

The truth will surface eventually whether scene 75 truly is the last time we will see new Attack on Titan substance, or whether the arrangement will return for another season, cour or even a film.

DISCLAIMER: As recently remained, at the hour of composing, neither Attack on Titan season 4 section 2, season 5 or film has been formally affirmed. This article concerns the hypothesis encompassing the arrangement and will be refreshed when more data on the fate of Attack on Titan is uncovered.

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