The series premieres in July this year

The official website of the original PA WORKS Studios anime, Shiroi Suna no Aquatope, posted the second promotional image for the project. The statement also said the series will premiere in Japan on July 8.

The story takes place at the Gama Gama Aquarium, a small aquarium in Okinawa, an hour by bus from Naha. Kukuru Misakino is an 18-year-old high school student who works there and knows the “secret” of the aquarium: sometimes you see mysterious things. One day, Kukuru comes across Fuuka, standing in front of a water tank with her hair down and a tear streaming down her face. Fuuka gave up on his dream of becoming an idol and fled Tokyo to Okinawa. Wanting to find a place to belong to, Fuuka begs Kukuru for a job at the aquarium. Thus, the story follows Kukuru and Fuuka as they struggle with the problems of the aquarium’s secret and the crisis that is approaching before its possible closure.

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Toshiya Shinohara (Kuroshitsuji, Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara, Nagi no Asukara) is directing the anime at PAWORKS Studios. Yuuko Kakihara (Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara, Digimon Aventure Tri) is responsible for writing and supervising the scripts. Yuki Akiyama (Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara, Uchouten Kazoku 2) is dealing with character designs based on the original designs of U35 (Lapis Re: LiGHTs), as well as directing the animation. Yoshiaki Dewa (Nagi no Asukara) is responsible for composing the soundtrack.

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