Spider-Man: Miles Morales Turns 10, All Anime The Marvel Initiatives To Celebrate It

In August 2011, Miles Morales, a shy boy from Brooklyn, made his first appearance in the immense Marvel Comics universe who would have deeply upset the series related to Spider-Man. Created by Bendis and the Italian Pichelli, Morales has become a true icon of comics and is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The protagonist of the incredible Spider-Man movie a New Universe, winner of the Academy Award for the best animated film, and also the main character of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a video game released in conjunction with the release of the ps5, and also available for ps4, Miles has been able to quickly conquer a prominent position in the world of comics, and Marvel is ready to celebrate its ten years with returning to the character’s origins, in August Marvel Comics will release Miles Morales: Marvel Tales # 1, which will contain Ultimate Fallout # 4, the character’s first appearance, and the first five volumes of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, all at a very affordable price. or $ 7.99, chosen above all to attract new readers. That’s not all though, starting from September in fact Miles will be the protagonist of many variant covers of the Marvel series, the current series Miles Morales: Spider-Man will receive an edition in a larger format, and a special reissue of Ultimate Fallout will also be available. # 4.Below is the official description of Marvel Tales # 1, of which you can find the cover of Joshua Swaby at the bottom, written by Bendis and drawn by Pichelli: “This anthological series will focus on fan-favorite characters, and will contain timeless stories and will show some of the impressive talents that Marvel has had in the past 80 years! And when the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universe falls, young Miles Morales takes his first steps into the world of Spider-Man! From the incredible work of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichellicomes the web weaver of the modern era – but who is Miles? How did he get his powers? What deadly dangers will he face? And how will he deal with Peter’s legacy? Find out in his debut in Ultimate Fallout # 4 and in the beginning of the myth in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man # 1-5! “

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