Spring animation “The Saint’s Magic Power is All-Purpose” Episode 6 “Lady” Preceding Scene Cut Arrived!

Yuri (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi) will play the role of the instructor when Sei (CV: Yui Ishikawa) officially learns magic.

The popular light novel “The Saint’s Magic Power is Universal” by Yuka Tachibana (published by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.) has been made into a TV animation! It is being broadcast and distributed from April 6th.

This time, the preceding scene cut & synopsis of the 6th episode “Lady” has been released.

When Sei (CV: Yui Ishikawa) officially learns magic, Yuri (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi) will play the role of instructor …

Yuri will be the instructor for Sei to formally learn magic. Yuri is in a good mood to take this opportunity to take a closer look at Sei’s mysterious magical power.

However, the guidance is surprisingly Spartan, and Say suffers from the task of activating magic at high speed. Therefore, in order to get a feel for more practical practice, I ask Alberto to participate in the training of the Third Knights. It was thought that a request for support for subjugation would come eventually.

There are other lectures that Say is taking, and Say called the day of learning dance and manners “Lady’s Day.”


Broadcast information
AT-X: Every Tuesday from April 6th 23: 30 ~
Repeat broadcast: Every Thursday 11: 30 ~ / Every Monday 17: 30 ~
TOKYO MX: From April 6th Every Tuesday 24: 30 ~
MBS: From April 6th every Tuesday 27: 00 ~
BS11: From April 7th every Wednesday 24: 00 ~

■ Distribution information
Hikari TV: Every Tuesday from April 6th 24: 00 ~
dTV Channel: Every Saturday from April 10th 24: 00 ~
* Broadcast date and start date are subject to change.

■ Introduction
A workaholic office worker in his twenties, Sei, was suddenly wrapped in light and summoned as a “saint” to another world the night he returned home after working overtime. Moreover, two people were summoned !?

The prince who appeared was all about another high school girl, and Sei was completely through.
Then you can do it freely, right? Say jumped out of the royal palace and decided to work as an ordinary person at the Institute of Medicinal Plants, taking advantage of his original love for plants.

Supported by the director Johan and the educator Jude, Sei learns how to make potions and use magical powers. However, all the products made have 50% more efficacy, and unexpectedly show their abilities as “saints”.

At that time, Say’s potion saved the life of the dying knight captain Alberto, and gradually, rumors began to be whispered that Say was the real “Saint” …!?

■ Staff
Original: Yuka Tachibana “The magical power of a saint is versatile” (published by Kadokawa BOOKS)
Original illustration: Yasuki Tamari
Director: Shota Ibata
Series composition: Travel
Character design: Masakazu Ishikawa
Sound director: Yayoi Tateishi
Sound production: Bitgroove Promotion
Music: Kenichi Kuroda
Music Produce: Islay Yuki
Music Production: Lantis
Animation Production: Diomedia
Production: “Saint’s Magical Power is Universal” Production Committee

■ Cast
Sei (Yui Kobayashi ): Yui Ishikawa
Albert Hawk: Takahiro Sakurai
Valdeck: Takuya Eguchi Yuri Dreves: Yusuke Kobayashi
Jude: Taku Yashiro
Islay (Aira Misono): Kana Ichinose
Kyle Slantania: Jun Fukuyama
Elizabeth・ Ashley: Reina Ueda Ehrhard
Hawk: Yuichiro Umehara

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