Sushi Ben VR Is A Slice Of Life Anime Sim With 3D Manga Panels

Sushi Ben VR is a forthcoming cut-of-life anime sim game that utilizes 3D manga boards to improve the story in an exceptional manner.

It’s scheduled for discharge in 2022, as per a Twitter string from one of the game’s designers, @DmawXXX. Regardless of the name, it’s really not tied in with making sushi. It is, nonetheless, about a sushi bar. Here’s a synopsis of what’s in store, taken from the Twitter string.

You play as a client to a sushi bar that is leaving the business, and your objective is to persuade individuals to come to eat with you at the sushi bar with the expectation that they will be rehash clients!

Be that as it may, it will not be simple persuading them to eat with you. Players should do different errands or go through different story experiences before an NPC will go eat with them. contingent upon who you’ve “gathered” as clients will make diverse story experiences occur in the sushi bar between NPCs.

The game’s extraordinary draw is the manner in which it utilizes 3D manga boards, flying all through the climate flying to clarify mechanics or further the story, which you can find in the inserted video above. As per Sushi Ben VR’s page, the 3D manga boards “add back customary film language to VR encounters” and “additionally settles the issue of players not remaining in ideal review plots for different account experiences.”

The game will apparently have an open-finished story with stretching ways, to characters, and NPCs with exceptional schedules for every day, who you can persuade to come to eat at the bar with you. You can peruse more about the game and see some extra film in this Twitter string.

As per @DmawXXX. the group is “just about completed” with a tech demo that shows off the 3D manga board technician. The group is intending to convey the demo to individuals for playtesting soon.

Sushi Ben VR is planned to deliver in 2022.

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