Under scrutiny: A pit fire concealing mysteries, missing robot, and the baffling vanishing of two campers in far off Victoria

Nobody realized that Carol Clay and Russell Hill, both in their seventies, were secret darlings whose undertaking crossed many years. Nobody thought about their mysterious outdoors excursions to Victoria’s wild and lovely high country until they disappeared. Is it safe to say that they were killed? Did they become mixed up in the rough and … Read more

Man imprisoned subsequent to executing couple while drug driving in Victoria

A man indicted for murdering a Victorian couple when his vehicle blasted through them while he was high on ice has been imprisoned. Recently out of the Thai military and afterward a cloister, Baramee Janorat backslid into ice habit when he got back to Melbourne from Thailand. The result of the 24-year-old’s medication use was … Read more

Boundaries pummel shut to Victoria as state dove into five-day lockdown

State and region governments across Australia are fixing line limitations with Victoria after huge number of highway explorers were possibly presented to COVID-19 at Melbourne Airport. There are currently 13 Covid cases connected to Melbourne’s Holiday Inn, with the state presently entering a five-day snap lockdown. There are likewise new potential local area disease destinations … Read more