Watch “Tama & Friends” at home time! All 30 short animations will be released at once on YouTube

The state of emergency issued to the four prefectures has been extended, and the target area has been expanded, which is good news for those who are in trouble about what to do at home time! On the YouTube channel of the movie distribution company “Asmik Ace”, all 30 episodes of the short animation of “Tama & Friends-Do you know our Tama? (Hereafter, Tama & Friends)” are distributed at once. The short animation, which was released 10 episodes every day for 3 days from April 29, is a group of works broadcast in 2016. It was a series that received a lot of attention because it was the first new work in 22 years since it became popular in the 1980s and was animated as “Tama in 3-chome-Do you know our Tama?”. Popular as character goods in the 1980s, first animated in the 90s, and new animations in the 2010s, a wide range of generations have seen in real-time. “Tama & Friends” is a valuable work that can be enjoyed by families across generations, from parents to children and even grandchildren. In addition, from May 2nd, the distribution of “Cat’s Dayan Wachifield Theater” has also started, so please check this as well. You can watch 10 episodes at a time, or you can watch them occasionally in the gap time. Enjoy the warm everyday life and humorous happenings of the lost cat Tama and his friends! (C) Sony Creative Products Inc./Tama & Friends Project.

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