What do Bad Bunny’s ‘Yonaguni’ lyrics mean?

Bad Bunny was praised by numerous individuals as he is as of now well known for singing in Spanish and how he has immediately gotten English over the most recent couple of years

Subsequent to bringing WWE legend Booker T in his first tune of 2021 in January, Bad Bunny now left his fans intrigued with his new stunt at his disposal. The Puerto Rican rapper dropped an unexpected melody called ‘Yonaguni’ on June 4 and was before long moving on Twitter after his fans noticed how easily he sang the last couple of lines in Japanese.

A great deal of online media clients were shocked after they heard the outro of ‘Yonaguni’ as they raced to Twitter to talk about something similar. Terrible Bunny, who as of late won huge at the Billboard Music Awards 2021, was applauded by numerous individuals as he is as of now well known for singing in his local Spanish language and furthermore how he has immediately gotten English over the most recent couple of years. The title of Bunny’s new tune alludes to the Japanese island Yonaguni. Discussing new music, specialists like John Mayer, Billie Eilish, and Halsey will likewise before long treat their fans with new undertakings.

What does Bad Bunny’s Japanese verses mean?

Terrible Bunny, who ordinarily adheres to his Latin snare establishes in his tunes, astonished his fans with his new capacities. The 27-year-old honor winning artist musician’s new melody is about how is attempting to carry on with his life as a solitary individual as he makes an honest effort to conquer his new misfortune with every day exercises. With his powerless and emotional verses, Bad Bunny likewise alluded to Itachi who is a well known Anime character. In the subsequent section, he warbles, “With you and a dull, You look executioner with those pants/You slaughter me without a weapon, I’ll get you a Banshee/Gucci, Givenchy A poodle, a frenchie/The weed, the “munchie”/I’ll sing you a mariachi, I’ll transform into Itachi, huh”.

As the ‘Dakiti’ hitmaker wraps up his melody, he changes to Japanese in the outro where he discusses how he just needs to have intercourse with the individual he lost. As indicated by Billboard, he verses in Japanese signify, “I need to have intercourse today, But just with you/Where are you?, Where are you?/I need to engage in sexual relations today, But just with you/Where right? Where right? Eh.”

In the video’s opening, he is seen singing the track’s presentation while eating sushi and tasting on a glass of wine in an eatery alone. The visual rapidly moves to a montage of the craftsman preparing and having a generous breakfast the following morning, prior to taking to the road with eight canines on rope. Awful Bunny at that point participates in a progression of exercises, including hand to hand fighting, controlling a toy vehicle, playing computer games, yoga and getting a “Pokémon GO” tattoo before he moves up at a local gathering. The visual closes with an animé-style entertainment of the craftsman as he sings in Japanese for the last stanza. This piece of the video has fans completely stunned.

‘Communicating in Japanese so nonchalantly’

A couple of hours after the arrival of ‘Yonaguni’, the Internet got swirling with how Bad Bunny sang the Japanese verses so nonchalantly while a couple of guaranteed that a ton of his fans will begin cherishing anime now. Following the Twitter pattern, one client said, “Whatever the f**k terrible rabbit said in Japanese, I felt that.” Another expressed, “LMAO watch everybody going to be an anime fan since awful rabbit came out with a melody in Japanese.” Meanwhile, one added, “Awful rabbit made them question my capacity to communicate in Spanish toward the finish of Yonaguni lmao my man communicating in Japanese so nonchalantly.”

The following individual declared, “I refreshed my resume in the wake of hearing awful rabbit new tune I can say I talk familiar English Spanish and Japanese!” while another tweeted, “Tune in to terrible rabbit new tune and I love it omg wasn’t expecting a reference of itachi and sing in Japanese.” One client shared, “I didn’t see Bad Bunny was singing in Japanese toward the end until I saw the verses on my tenth tune in. I accepted it was only a greater amount of his normal disjointed murmuring.” One proceeded, “Terrible Bunny communicating in Japanese is one thing however singing in Japanese and finishing that melody like thattttt… my dreams are turning out to be reality.” Another web-based media client closed, “Bi**hes wanna watch anime currently the reason for awful rabbit wtf.”

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