yonkey releases the theme song for the anime Artiswitch Fly Saihate.

yonkey’s new song Fly, Saihate. has been released for distribution.

The template also worked to as TENDRE AAAMYYY, Mac Miller and Thunder Cat and co-star of the topic Ace Hashimoto, the new generation wrapper is madeProducer yonkey has been collaborating across genres and generations. Since then, a wide range of production work has begun to attract attention both in Japan and overseas, such as producing songs for the 88rising world debut of ATARSHII GAKKO !, participating in the remix project of the anime Lupin III, and providing songs to Kai Kubota and Soraon. And the new song Fly, Saihate. Feat. Kana Adachi is the theme song of the original animation Artiswitch by Sunrise and Asobisystem. This work, which expresses the animation with its own world view, welcomed Kana Adachi, a singer-songwriter who has gained widespread support from young people, with more than 1.3 million SNS followers such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok featuring. yonkey’s first newly written song. It’s a dramatic ballad with yonkey’s trademark edgy electronic sound and spectacular strings. Also, a music video by Kazuma Ikeda, the director of Artiswitch, will be released soon. The first episode of Artiswitch will be released on the official YouTube of Artiswich from 20:00 on May 28th. yonkey comment When I first heard about it, I couldn’t hide my surprise because it was the first anime theme song. Adachi-san’s emotional and wonderful singing voice matched very well with the lyrics that I made with the themes of face-to-face, worries, and fighting with myself, and I was very impressed. It would be great if you could listen to it while comparing it with the story and world view of Artiswitch which will be released at the same time as the release! Comment by Kana Adachi This time, I was with yonkey for the first time. I was very surprised when I was invited to participate in singing, but I was even happier. When I listened to the demo, the world was different from the song I always sing, and I was able to face the song with a fresh feeling. I was able to sing each phrase carefully. Please enjoy it with the anime Artiswitch which will start on the 28th! Distribution information Fly, Saihate. Original animation Artiswitch is being distributed on the official YouTube of Artiswitch from 20:00 each day.

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